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Is this compatible with a Nest Learning?

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Hello. I am leasing a house that has a Honeywell thermostat and I’d like to replace it with a Nest Learning thermostat. The owner will pay but he says he thinks it may not be compatible with the wiring (he isn’t sure). I’ll attach a photo. Please let me know what you would need to know to answer this. I’d like to switch this myself if possible but if not can call a contractor. 




The simple answer is yes a Nest will work with any boiler one way or another. Some installers come out with it's not compatable, but ther usually is a work around.

The connections are from the programmer or thermostat?

Thanks for the help. The pic is of the existing thermostat wiring (the one I want to replace). 

You will need the programmer info!

Remember the Nest will be12v at the thermostat, your one will be 240v at present.

I am sure the Google bods will be rushing to help you soon!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣

The thermostat being replaced (in the pic) is a Honeywell TH3110D1008. I don’t think it’s 240V. It’s a forced air oil system with a heat pump. The confusing part is that O and B are both used. Can anyone else chime in with thoughts?

They are 24v, you are in the USA?

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Yes I am in the US.