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Issues Pairing New Thermometer with existing Heat Link

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Google have sent me a replacement Thermometer Nest E. I have been trying to pair it with my existing Heat Link that is wired to my boiler

I have managed to get the thermoset up and connected to WIFI - The issue comes when i'm trying to get the Blue pulsing light on the heat link to get them to connect.

I did at one point yesterday get them to pair but then i had a number of issues after where it said my thermostat wasn't close enough to the heat link so i decided to remove the thermomter from my Nest app and reset it and start over.

I've tried a number of times today and still my heat link shows a green light when i first press it - when i hold down for 20/30 secs it flashes yellow then the blue light appears for a second then goes off.

Any advice would be appreciated if anyone has experienced this before and how i go about getting my heat link to pulse blue. 




Community Specialist
Community Specialist

HI there! From what I see, it seems like the pairing is going as expected, except for the distance between the thermostat and the Heat Link. Would you mind telling me if you see any message on the app?

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey there! Just checking in, did you manage to see our message?



sorry for the delay in replying.

Yes I did thank you. I got in touch with Google from the email they sent me and they advised I needed to install the new Heat Link and connect to the new thermostat. 
Once I did this and reset my thermometer i got them to connect.


thanks for your help 

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

That is great to hear. I'll go ahead and close down this thread in that case. If anything else comes up, feel free to open up a new one.