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Nest thermostat won't connect to Heat Link

Community Member

Hi, I've just moved into a home that has a nest thermostat. I had never used this system before but was told by the previous owner that it should connect easily. This doesn't seem to be the case?

The boiler and Heat link are in the basement of our home. The Heat link is blinking with a yellow light that blinks with different brightness. I have tried pressing the middle button of the Heat link for ten seconds until it 'clicks' and the light turns off. but once I release the button it continues to flash with the yellow LED.

I have also tried positioning the thermostat device around the home (the previous owner said that the dining room which is above the Heat link worked for him) but I have had no success with it syncing.

Finally I put the device next to the Heat link and still no connection.

The thermostat also seems to not like being unplugged for longer than a minute and insists that it is connected to a power source which I also find strange?

I have been trying to troubleshoot this problem for a day now and still no success... Can anyone offer any advice of where I should go from here?!