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DHCP reservations don't take in some cases

Community Member

Trying to reserve an IP address for a raspberry pi NAS device. I'm able to choose the device and set the address to the one I want in the Google Home app on Android. I've saved and confirmed the settings. However, when and the device boots it ignores the reserved address and chooses another address from the pool. Is there any way to troubleshoot this issue?


Gold Product Expert
Gold Product Expert


Just to check, have you properly configured the Raspberry Pi to use a static IP address? 




Thank you for the reply. I appreciate it.

However, "reserved DHCP" addresses are not "static" so the answer to your question is "no" I did not create a static IP address for the Pi. I'm using the advanced settings in Google WiFi that allows me to reserve addresses for certain devices. When I do that, rebooting the device has typically resulted in that address getting assigned to it.