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Google wifi mesh

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I currently have 3 google wifi mesh

can I add 3 more? How do I sync with same wifi?


Gold Product Expert
Gold Product Expert

According to the this article ( Hardwire Wifi devices with Ethernet ) you can connect as many as you want.

Keep in mind there is likely going to be a decrease in data speeds the more access points you add, more with wifi than Ethernet, since you are splitting the available bandwidth and/or wifi signal more and more. If you are having connectivity issues due to dead spots, try relocating the devices first to make sure you aren't being affected by obstructions, especially since they have such a large range; Ethernet is always best if possible for that reason. If you are just trying to connect more devices hardwired to the network, invest in a switch and run some cable which I actually did myself. 

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Platinum Product Expert


5 pucks is the max recommended amount if going wireless mesh/ backhaul only.

Also be aware that too many pucks in too tight space will hurt performance due to interference.

More info on this:

Also be sure to not try to mix the new Nest Wifi Pro with older models, as they are not backward compatible.

I don't work for Google.

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