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Disable motion sensor on just one Nest Detect

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I keep getting false alarms from the motion sensor part of a Nest Detect on my back porch, and I'd like to disable JUST the motion sensor component of JUST THAT ONE Nest Detect.   I couldn't find instructions or a menu option for doing this.  Am I missing this in the manual and the various online tips?  I'd even consider blocking the motion sensor "lens" with  electrical tape, but where is that lens opening on the Nest Detect?  I tried taping various part of the Detect, but It seems to still work even if almost all covered with tape.   Any suggestions?


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I found the answer to my post myself.  In the app settings, security, security levels, choose "Armed," then the offending sensor, and then switch it off.  This approach will also let you selectively selecting motion sensors for that "Home and Guarding" mode.  

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