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Update for Nest x Yale Lock and Nest Detect Users that use Nest Hub Max as a Ran... Read more

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Is the nest x yale lock every getting an update or we need to buy new devices ? When are we getting Geo fencing on the yale x ? Or even the option to unlock the door with google home using a password option?

tops by Community Member
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Nest Detect still says low battery after replacement

Nest Detect shows low battery after replacing the battery with new. Have tried this twice now, newly purchased batteries, installed correctly, and still says battery is low. What is the fix?

jbleicher by Community Member
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Remote access via xplornet

Xplornet satellite is my internet provider. Can I connect to my nested network remotely through xplornet. do I need VPN? what special set up is required?

Gangan by Community Member
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Can’t connect Yale lock to Nest Connect

We moved into a new house with an existing Nest and Yale lock set up. I have connected the Nest to the thermostat, but I cannot get the Yale lock to connect to the Nest Connect. The Next Connect light is green, the app is working, I'm not sure what I...

LG TV and Google home and Google assistant

I am trying to link LG account with connected appliances - TV, Freezer, Washing machine and Dryer to Google Home and I get an answer it's not supported in my country /Slovakia/ Also when I press Google Assistant on the LG remote I get a notification ...

pe3k by Community Member
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i cant get into my account

Hello I'm currently trying to get into my google account but can't because i lost my phone that's currently on my account.

Yale Lock

Wanting to install a second lock. Will I need a seperate connect with the new lock or can I use the one I have connected to the first lock ?

Подключенные устройства и приложения.

Уже хоть караул кричи! От подключения устройств, от подключения приложений, которыми я не пользуюсь. Мне не нужны никакие семейные группы. Я устала, от того, что не могу спокойно находится дома. Причем,кроме смартфона, я ничем больше не пользуюсь. Ок...