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Update for Nest x Yale Lock and Nest Detect Users that use Nest Hub Max as a Ran... Read more

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Nest connect error code NA004

I accidentally deleted the nest connect on my Nest app and now have trouble reinstalling it.I kept getting error code NA004(0.80) and it says it has trouble finding a wifi network.I've tried restarting phone/wifi router/reinstall the nest app. Nothin...

BusyBee by Community Member
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Nest tag not arming system

I’ve setup my Nest security system on a new network. All devices are working except for the tag. The tag has been successfully added to the system but it won’t arm the system when presented.

Yale x Nest Password management

I want to give my wife access so she can create her own password. I already add her using the HOME app instead of the Nest app but she can't create her own password or change it. Does she need to have a Nest account as well?

Resolved! Drive-in latch for Nest x Yale?

I have a hollow metal door which currently uses a drive-in style bolt latch (round insert on the edge of the door instead of metal rectangle with two screws). I didn't see a way to convert the included bolt to work as a drive-in, and I see that Yale ...

Signin & Security code problem

Dear sirI had to enter the gmail( ID with this name with my Android mobile phone realme C15 Qualcomm Edition but suddenly my phone was damaged and after repairing & factory retore it then I tried to enter the gmail ...

Nest app unable to see connect

Nest app worked fine for more than a year. Wife's cell phone works perfectly however I have been unable to reconnect my nest app to the connect. Says reset you nest connect why? other cell phone works perfectly. tried uninstalling nest app, reset con...

angus123 by Community Member
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Resolved! Yale lock alternative border routers?

I'm about to buy a Yale lock and I know it uses Weave to communicate and I assume it does so over Thread radio and so requires a border router to jump to ethernet.It specifically says I need a Nest Connect or Nest Guard to make this connection.Does t...

Resolved! Nest Yale Lock won't connect to nest connect

For a while now, my lock would show offline and then online. I switched to the google nest wifi mesh. Everything is connected. The nest connect is connected to wifi with a good connection. The yale lock will not connect to the nest connect, the nest ...