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Montaje del next Yale lock

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Cómo hacer que la cerradura Nest x yale cambie el sentido  para usar en una puerta a la izquierda 


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Platinum Product Expert

Nest x Yale Lock automatically determines whether it will function as a right or left-handed lock. The "hand" or "handing" of the lock, is determined by the side of the door that the hinges are on when standing outside the door. When the batteries are properly inserted for the first time, the lock will attempt to determine its handing, whether the lock is installed on the door or not. If the lock is not completely installed on the door when the batteries are inserted, it could hand itself incorrectly. Should this occur, the lock must be installed on the door and then reset to its factory defaults, allowing the lock to "hand" itself correctly.

To reset the lock:
Factory reset the Nest × Yale Lock - Google Nest Help

During setup, be sure to install the lock first and test it works with the door open and closed. Then keep the door closed and unlocked while you install the batteries. If the door is locked, your lock might not test and calibrate itself to your door properly.

Nest × Yale Lock installation and setup - Google Nest Help

Hope this helps!

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