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Migrating to new WiFi Network

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I am migrating to a new WiFi network (Google Nest WiFi Pro). I have manually removed and reconnected all my cameras (there were 😎 but I still have to do my Nest x Yale locks (7 of those), door sensors (8 of those), thermostats (4 of those) and smoke detectors (16 of those) plus three Nest Connect devices and the Nest Guard. None of these are physically moving. I am just changing the wireless network. Do I need to remove them one by one and re-install them one by one (that will be 37 devices total)? If I need to do this with the pieces that are left, what is the best order/process? Do I start with the Nest Connect devices? Not even sure how to remove them since they don't show up on the app?



Gold Product Expert
Gold Product Expert

Hello @KW4,

Thanks for reaching out. The simplest fix for most Nest products is to update your home network so that the network name (SSID) and password are the same as before. 

If this doesn't work and you would like to keep your new network name and password, you can try to reconnect those devices with the new network using the Nest app. Within the Nest app, navigate to Settings > Home Info > Home Wi-Fi help. This should show all the devices you have under your Nest account and you can reconnect them to the new network.

Hope that helps! 🙂

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Thanks for this information. I do need to change the network name and password, which takes me to your second option of reconnecting my existing devices under the new network. However it only allows me to switch over the thermostats and Nest Protects (smoke alarms) but not the door sensors, Nest x Yale locks or Nest Connects. I am thinking these devices will need to be factory reset and reconnected? 

If that is the case, would it be best to set up a new Home in the Nest App using the new WiFi and then reset/reconnect all the Nest devices one by one? I am thinking this will be the case and if that is the case, my biggest question is the order for resetting/reconnecting everything. I am thinking it should go like this?

1) Nest Guard First

2) Door/Motion Sensors next

3) Yale x Nest locks and Nest Connect "helpers" next

4) Nest Protect, thermostats and cameras after that (these seem the least picky)

Am I overthinking this or does the order matter?

Thanks for your guidance.