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Welcome to the Smart Home Developer Forum!

Hey Nest Community, Welcome to our Smart Home Developer forum! This space is for developers to discuss, collaborate, and ask questions about their Smart Home integrations using Google Home Cloud-to-cloud, Local, or Matter APIs. Once you post, fellow ...

GoogleFAQ by Solutions Expert
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Resolved! Google Nest Hub 2 customize light matter app

Dear Google Community,I am writing to inquire about the possibility of customizing the interface of the smart bulb application that is compatible with Matter. Specifically, I am interested in developing my own control interface for the application.As...

Matter by Community Member
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Google Home Submission Not Reviewed

I'm already submit request to review my deploy submission at 8 May for v8 release, but until now don't get the feedback. Before that the reviewer want me to give demo account for testing sync device, I already send reply the instruction, because don'...

Resolved! ChromeCast dynamic broadcast video

Hello, I am looking for an APP on chromecast that would allow me to deposit video in Google Drive or Google photo for automatic broadcast on a television with a loop rotation of the existing video in the directory. I would like the APP to check every...

Temperature Sensor

I'm trying to provide an integration for third-party temperature sensors in Google Home/Nest Hub.It is a sensor, which provides only reading of the temperature.If I use the TemperatureControl trait, the voice reporting of the temperature is correct, ...

Drolevar by Community Member
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Resolved! Shutter Vs Blinds in Google Home APP

Shutters and Blinds devices share basicaly the same traits.My question is : why in the google home app , blinds devices let you see it's exact state or percentage and you can issue commands simply by clicking on it , while Shutters don't , you can't ...

Resolved! Socially Connecting Different Nest Homes

I am a developer and I am exploring ways of making different homes more socially connected. In this particular use case these homes belong to my mother (who lives 100 miles away), my sister (who lives in a different country) and my own family home.Fe...

Jinkos by Community Member
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Resolved! Matter client support

How will google home say support a third-party controller - like a remote control? One that implements client side of Matter?Will integration go through routines? Or will devices be able to directly talk to eachother without going through Google API ...

JohnDoe2 by Community Member
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