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Latest deaf response from two google minis

Community Member

OK, just got back from my extended holiday.

At first all my minis seemed to hear what I was asking. I assumed you had fixed things at your end.

That lasted all of two days.

Tonight I asked two minis

Hey Google, what is 500 millilitres in fluid ounces

Answer: 500 miles is some stupid number in fluid ounces. ???


Community Member

OK, gave up on the minis and asked my phone, but the minis still pick up the question plus the phone gives the same stupid answer. 😞

However the phone also gives some default questions, one of which is 'How many ounces in 500ml', so I select that and the answer is 500L is 16907.011 us fluid ounces??????
Now I can do the simple math, why can't Google?? perhaps should be called Goof fle? 😞

Ooh, just asked Alexa on the phone and that could give me the correct answer? 🙂