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Where did the games go on my Google Nest?

Community Member

We used to have games that we could play on the Nest Hub and now they are gone. Does anyone know where to find them again or how I can get them back? I have tried to troubleshoot it to the best of my ability but could not find any results. Every time I ask her to play a game she said she can tell me a joke or says something about a crystal ball. There used to be a lot more games we would play. There was a music one where you would select a genre and an Era and then you and the other players would have to guess the artist and song title. We played that a lot but can't find ANY games at all. Please help if you can!🙏🏼 please and thank you!!!


Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

Unfortunately, those were decommissioned June 2023.

Conversational Actions are going away - Google Assistant Help