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Could not connect to Cloud Intelligence

I've been using smart plugs that use Cloud Intelligence for a year successfully connected to my Google account and routines. Suddenly it stopped working yesterday. I went in and re-paired all the plugs, uninstalled and reinstalled the Cloud Intellige...

TimCO by Community Member
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New Google nest

I’ve bought my first device and followed the instructions. The nest has been detected on the home app but it says it is not connected to WiFi. But my phone is connected to WiFi. The help section says reset to factory settings but it’s brand new! A Ch...

Loraine60 by Community Member
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google nest wifi point 3 offline, cannot connect

We have the hub and 2 other points and all had been working well. Our chicken coop door connects to the one furthest from the hub and the door quit working and in checking the connections, the point is offline. I've unplugged, reset the individual po...

SherryQ by Community Member
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Filter choices

I installed this doorbell a few days ago. There were 3 filter choices, "person", "motion" & "sound". Anybody know why the "person" choice disappeared and how to get it back? Thank you.

JeffAtlas by Community Member
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Silent alarm on Nest Secure?

I'd like the option of monitoring the home on the app while away from the house, without sounding the alarm or requiring someone to disable a blaring alarm. Mainly to see when kids might be coming and going, or of course if someone has entered withou...

Hug54 by Community Member
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contact google nest support

No links are working to actually contact google support page. I am trying to get review video from my nest camera from a couple nights ago on my pc. All it does is constantly buffer. I have a nest aware subscription. So frustrating and disappointing.

F0ls0m3 by Community Member
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Brand New Nest Not Turning Properly

Hello, I purchased 2 brand new Nests and had them installed yesterday. I purchased the Nests and installation services through Google. One of the two Nests is very difficult to turn and the Ontech technician noted that it didn't feel right and tried ...

megjack19 by Community Member
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