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Multiple homes

I just set up my moms home with Google Minis. I want to migrate my home to Google as well, but have been reading a lot about how the commands work on both homes. I’m a link as a guest on my moms home, if I create my own home, will Google assist comma...

Misstgc by Community Member
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Yale assure sl lock

Why won’t my google assistant unlock my front door. It will lock the lock but tells me unlocking the door is disabled.

Room not recognized

Hi all,I have a room called bedroom which normally worked when I said, Hey Google, turn off bedroom lights. Since a while it's not working anymore and it says: Looks like this room has not been configured.The 2 lamps in the room are called color lamp...

Ronnielox by Community Member
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Adding date, temperature, and time to Home Screen

Hello all,Anyone able to add date, temperature, and time to Home Screen?I purchase the google hub in hoping that I can replace my atomic wall clock. I know that google hub has a full screen clock photo frame. But none of them has the combined three w...

Bochu by Community Member
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Locking Door with Away Routine

I've got Schlage locks integrated with Google Home and Assistant. I have set up normal routines that lock my doors (at midnight for example). However, the locks do not appear in the list of devices for the Away routine. I'd love to have presence sens...

cren90 by Community Member
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