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Nest installation problem

Just installed a new Nest -E thermostat and it is blinking red, can't access the home screen to set up. Any thoughts?

wendi by Community Member
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Tuya thermostat not working in Home preview app

Hi, I've had a third party thermostat that uses tuya protocol linked to Google home account.Problem is that it is not possible to set and temperature within the Home app. See the screenshot attached. I have tried the usual remove re add etc to no ava...

Joe777 by Community Member
  • 2 replies
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Can I connect a Nest thermostat to and existing receiver?

Hi all,We moved into a house earlier this year which has a Nest thermostat receiver attached to the boiler. However the previous homeowners took their thermostat itself with them when they moved.My question is: if we buy a new Nest thermostat can we ...

Lewis3 by Community Member
  • 11 replies
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Google Home devices are acting jankier than ever!

So I requested to be in the preview thing and I waited and waited but you guys never invited me in to it but I will say that I've been asking it to turn my bedroom owl lamp off and on and instead turns all of the lights off and on. Keeps going from A...

Buck85 by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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ccidently turned on electric blanket

i s there a way to prevent accidentally turning something on i.e an electric blanket that I accidentally turned on partway thru the day only found out at bedtime would like to avoid this happening again

My old phone has owner ship of speaker

My old phone that I cannot access has ownership of my google speaker and even if I request access from my new phone I can’t get ownership since I no longer have my old phone how can I fix that

Fabio21 by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Nest schedule not updating from BST

Wonder if anyone has this problem? When British Summer Time ended and the clocks went back our Nest schedule stayed an hour wrong so the heating should come on at 08:45 but instead it does 07:45, the clock on Nest has the correct GMT time but the sch...

Alex25 by Community Member
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Permanent HOLD

I have a Google NestIs there a way I can set it for a permanent HOLD at 55'Thanks

Underfloor heating not turning on with nest thermostat

We have just moved into a house where a nest thermostat system is installed. As the previous owners took the actual thermostat with them, we have bought our own. However, we cannot get the underfloor heating to turn on - only the radiators turn on wh...

New routines system not changing light colors

I've been using tuya based smartbulbs and google home doesn't seem to be able to change the color on any of them with the new routine system. I created a routine to change the color, selected it and saved everything, but everytime I try the routine g...

Deboxta by Community Member
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