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Heads up: Philips Hue Change Impacting Scripted Automations!

Hey everyone,We wanted to keep you in the loop about some recent changes related to Philips Hue sensors that might impact your scripted automations. Philips Hue has updated their sensor device configuration to use the TemperatureSetting trait (previo...

Copy/convert Home app automation to scripted automation

I (like many users here, probably) have a lot of automations and devices currently in the Google Home app. I was really hoping that, with the new Script Editor feature, I would be able to copy and/or edit the scripts of existing automations, add a ne...

lvl777 by Community Member
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Controlling kids access

Hello all.My question is simple. Does Google Fiber have a way to monitor and/or control family members profiles so that I can control when my children can access certain devices at certain times, basically controlling those devices within the paramet...

Stnkywzl4 by Community Member
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Where to find the Nest Pro ID

My Nest Learning Thermostat is installed. While I was matching it with the Nest App for Android, after scanning the QR code from the device, I went to Home/Assist to get the number - wrongly as it is on the back of the thermostat! but I couldn't go b...

Manute by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Resolved! I want a function to start a routine on a specific date

I want routine work on the desired date.When accessing the current Google Home and adding a start condition in the routineWhen talking to Google Assistantspecific timesunrise or sunsetWhen the alarm is turned off I want more features.I want to run it...

Piria by Community Member
  • 6 replies
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Hey Google, turn on the TV & music pause

HelloI am using Chrome Nest Mini 2nd.This article was written with a translator, so the sentences may be strange.If you tell me what you don't understand, I will correct it again.Please listen to my concerns.If you say "Hey Google, turn on the TV" to...

Piria by Community Member
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TP-LINK plug issue

I have a few TP-LINK plugs (HS100), which generally work great. I use one to automate switching a lamp in my hallway on & off. The issue is, this was previously linked to a different "home" network (in this house but set up by my now ex-husband). Des...

sianny78 by Community Member
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Nest hub as door chime.

I have a wyze door lock and I'd like my nest hub to chime when it unlocks, I've been messing around with the script editor, and I've gotten the lock to work as a starter to have my google home execute an action, But the action options are limited. I'...

Kelly7253 by Community Member
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