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For immediate help, visit the official Google Nest Help Center, where you can find tips, tutorials, and other answers to frequently asked questions.

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Resolved! Display screen off centre

I have a 2nd gen nest thermostatyesterday the display was completely pale grey - but it still worked manually and on the phonethen the display shifted over to the right and now has a black screen on the left

Moiraf100 by Community Member
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google nest

I need to have 23 degrees in my house or my wife will turn on baseboard heating until the house reaches 23. She doesn't understand why the nest keeps lowering on its own and quite frankly i don't either. Having installed hundreds of thermostats as an...

alandueck by Community Member
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How does YouTube TV not have a partner link to Nest.

I don't understand how Goggle's own streaming product is less connected to Nest than other services.I would have thought it would be very easy to:Present my streaming tv service(s) and thenHey Google:"Play {TV Show Name} on tv""Play {TV Show Name} fr...

Nobody responds here. Posting is a waste of time

After posting a question and getting no response, I looked at other posts, and the vast majority of them have no response at all, either from others in the community or from Google employees. What's the point?

jencros by Community Member
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Google Home Link Govee Home doesn't have Any Reaction

When My customer through Google Home to link Govee Home, after providing credentials then ‘show linking your Govee Home account’, but don't have any reaction after that, I try to find my auth log, doesn't have an error log message, but so I don't hav...


Access to Nest?

We had bought our present house last year. When it got cold this year, I found out that the radiant heating is not working properly. That heating has two Nest 3rd gen, thermostats. When trying to find manuals for these thermostats, I was asked about ...

chboy by Community Member
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Home/Away v Existing Routines

Hi, I have several routines for devices, that are set-up as “day-long”. (Lamps, plugs etc) they come on and off at various times throughout the day.I’ve set my Away routine to switch off several of the devices included in the above routines. This wor...

Mallen by Community Member
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Chromecast not connecting to wifi

I bought a new Chromecast with Google TV 4K version and I just can't make it connect to my wifi. Although I'm using the same wifi connection for both the phone and Chromecast but it keeps on throwing the error 'Couldn't connect to wifi' over and over...

hfsaidi by Community Member
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My nest app keep disconnecting and shows offline

Since October when days are cooling down, I normally using my app to control my NEST.Lately I am experiencing everyday issues with connection, when I want to open controller of my NEST from phone is shws Offline. I understand that Internet may be an ...

Nadezda29 by Community Member
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