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What’s the most frequently used query in your smart home? Read more

What’s the most frequently used automation in your home? Read more

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What’s the most frequently used query in your smart home?

From “Hey Google, turn on the lights” to “Ok Google, lock the front door” there are so many fun and helpful queries you can ask Google Assistant. You can play music, turn on your favorite shows, create shopping lists and even more to control your sma...

Have an option to activate devices more safely.

I have a sonoff switch which I use to open my garage door. It's not recognized as a garage door because there is no such option for the switch, only fan, heater, light, etc. I think there should be more options there.What I think could be nice to hav...

phiter by Community Member
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Ok googles answers are troubling

It feels like the answers to my ok google questions are becoming more and more convoluted. I tried to ask google what city was bigger, Columbus Ohio or Atlanta Georgia. Sorry I don't have any information about that. What city has a bigger population,...

Can't receive calendar information on Google Hub Max

I have just purchased a Google Hub Max. I have all iPhone/Apple products. I integrated/synced my iCal to Google Calendar but the Hub won't give me any information. Says my calendar doesn't have any information. How to fix?

Nanimc by Community Member
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Original nest thermostat received a year and a half ago

I have to be honest- your product is terrible! It hasn't worked from day one. I got the special connector and had it installed. It worked for about two weeks and then I started getting these messages again!Incredibly frustrating! I won't be buying a ...

Wake Words

Don't you think it's probably time to give control to the user? What we refer to our assistant as (or what we WANT TO...) should be up to the person who is using the device/app. I'm seriously getting tired of the same three phrases over and over agai...

Internet Activity

Hi ,Where can i see all the browsing activity and how do i control what website is allowed and what is not allowed.Thanks

Unwanted deletion of Google Nest

Hey Everyone,I have at home 3 Google Nests.One of those three is not stable due to unwanted deletion of the device.In the Google Home app I can see in history that my account has deleted the device and this happens at very odd hours like middle of th...

Worst thermostat ever

This thermostat is without a doubt the worst one on the market. They tried to make this thing so smart it sucks. No matter how many times I change the settings some how it goes back to ECO mode on its own. Which that ECO mode all it does is not go to...


Help, every day it gets 78+ degrees in my house and takes 3 hours to get it down to 72 degrees and we like it below 70!! I just got a new AC and furnace last year so I know it's not that. I feel like it's this stupid nest. Do I have it on wrong setti...

Arodgee by Community Member
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