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What’s the most frequently used query in your smart home? Read more

What’s the most frequently used automation in your home? Read more

Changing list order of Google Routines Read more

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What’s the most frequently used query in your smart home?

From “Hey Google, turn on the lights” to “Ok Google, lock the front door” there are so many fun and helpful queries you can ask Google Assistant. You can play music, turn on your favorite shows, create shopping lists and even more to control your sma...

More options to trigger routines

They should put more options to trigger a routine like motion sensor, door sensor, home and away, weather, and when device status changes..

Chris_ by Community Member
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Google Home Routine's Trigger

Hi,Is it possible to start a routine based on switching on a control?Homeseer can turn on when temparature drops below a value and turn something on.....My Airconditionair is only present in Google Home and if a switch or control is turned on in Home...

Peetersit by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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Wrong location's weather provided when askde for the weather

Upon doing a quick internet search, I learned that I am not the only one having this issue, and so far, it appears any help to them was not, well, helpful. So hopefully this time a successful solution will be available: When I ask my Google Home, "wh...

Theodore by Community Member
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Resolved! How do I turn off Gentle Wake up?

Help is full of great articles on how to set lights for gentle wake up. Nothing is telling me how to turn it off. I have lights set for gentle wake up, but I want them to stop. How do I do that?

Paul8 by Community Member
  • 5 replies
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Can't invite home member

So this is an issue that has been open on this board for several years. There's another thread on here where Google basically gave the initial poster the equivalent of "Did you restart your computer?" (Why do all tech support folks assume everyone is...

Simpson21 by Community Member
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Z wave 2 module and conexis L1

Hi I just installed z wave 2 module in my conexis L1 lock and its seems like your product is not compatible with this module Please help Bran

Bran1977 by Community Member
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Starting routines manually

I can not start routines manually on my iOS. No play button shown. I tried everything I can think of. Reinstalled, change language, etc… see attached  


Resolved! Changing list order of Google Routines

Hi- I’m using some of the preset Google Routines and have created some custom ones. What I can’t figure out: how can I change the order in which they are listed. Primarily I am hoping to move all unused routines to the bottom of the list so they are ...

Parnej by Community Member
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