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For immediate help, visit the official Google Nest Help Center, where you can find tips, tutorials, and other answers to frequently asked questions.

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Heads up: Philips Hue Change Impacting Scripted Automations!

Hey everyone,We wanted to keep you in the loop about some recent changes related to Philips Hue sensors that might impact your scripted automations. Philips Hue has updated their sensor device configuration to use the TemperatureSetting trait (previo...

Options for wake words

Would he nice to name our nest Hubs so instead of saying Google for operating my smart home features we could personalize a little more

Driddle by Community Member
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I’m very upset that I can no longer operate my devices from my mobile phone anymore unless I get a Google home account.i deliberately did not sign up for a Google home account because Google is already too powerful. And now they want to be inside our...

Greygoss by Community Member
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nest doesn't work with google home

have a ticket open but can't get resolution on it. I was getting errors on my youtube music that there were 'too many devices using my account'. I have a bunch of speakers and smart tv's and chromecasts etc so i thought, ok fair. Went into the google...

Vacuum Reminder Script

Hello all,I am attempting to create an automation in the script editor that reminds my wife and I if the vacuum has not run in three days or more. It looks like my starter is failing, but I cannot use device.state.Dock for: 72hours as a condition sin...

Account Recovery

# my account is hack please recover my account "Moderator edit: Subject updated for clarity and findability."

Resolved! Coding help with Script Editor

Hi everyone,I need some help to make an automation in the new script editor:When everyone is away and time is sunset or later, turn light on. Turn light off at midnight.I need both the home presence and/or the time to be a starter. So that if I am al...

ag_ by Community Member
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Home/Away routines no longer show up in Google Home app

In the Google Home app, I have no option to create Home/Away routines in automations. I am in the US and I have multiple Google devices that support Home/Away routines. There IS the option to switch the entire app to HOME/AWAY and I am able to set up...

chaybee by Community Member
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