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Automation script won't work if voice match necessary?

I wrote an automation that adjusts the volume on some speakers and then shuffles one of my playlists and plays them on the speakers. The only problem is it seems like the voice command to shuffle my playlist requires voice match, but when I send that...

Resolved! Script Editor: Share your ideas and vote on others' ideas!

We built the Google Home script editor to give you more control over your home automations (announcement post). We are still in the early days of the script editor, and we highly value feedback and ideas from our community to shape its future.You can...

Prafulla by Googler
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Resolved! Idea for script editor

Hello! My idea for the script editor is to add a outside weather condition starter (ex. When temperature outside to a certain temperature, a severe weather alert is pushed out (tornado, hurricane, etc.) or the conditions/temperature for a certain tim...

Enable & Disable Nest Cam Battery by Automation or Script

I am desperately trying to find a way to turn y nest cam battery on or off by automation or script. I manage an Airbnb and would like the cameras to be off when people are in the house and turn on when nobody is home. I have a smart home panel instal...

Boenne by Community Member
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Google Home device name change

Hi I’m a manager of my own Home account… obviously! I’ve recently moved a TV from one room to another. It’s listed under Local Devices which is odd. When I try to move it to another room in the house and change its name in Home it asks me to send a r...

Cat22 by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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Resolved! Problem with nest hub after update

Hallo all Sorry for my bad English, After te Google update, have i some trouble with the Google Hub.I have soms actions that start with hey Google, its movie time. En then start the flow.But since the update it works not more.I have also the nest min...

DennisBr by Community Member
  • 7 replies
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Devices in wrong home responding to commands

I have had Google home set up at two different addresses as different homes on my account. These have been set up for years. Within the last few weeks when I ask either my Google home devices or even my phone via Google Assistant to turn on or off li...

Guags99 by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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Resolved! Cannot add my Nest Doorbell to my new Home App

I have a wired gen-2 Nest doorbell that I installed using non-gmail credentials. Since then I got the Home App and the Nest hub. The Home App and hub are working well with cameras, smart switches, smart plugs all on my gmail account.I'm trying to add...

SteveRyder by Community Member
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