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Nest price increase by 30 bucks with no new features. Great scam.

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The price of your Nest Aware subscription for Home will soon increase from $50.00 a year to $80.00 a year (plus applicable taxes) Your Nest Aware subscription will continue at the new price, and your current features will remain the same.


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Why would they increase it by 60% without any new features? This is getting ridiculous..... I'm thinking about just going with the free option at this rate

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Yeah, must be nice to be able to give yourself a 33% pay increase just because you want to.  That’s way above the current inflation rate. 

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Noodleman, how do you have such a cheap price?  My subscription is increasing from $100 to $160!   And I can't get help  (HAVE TRIED DILIGENTLY) on getting one of my cameras back online; can't scan it because it's 20 feet in the air.    This used to be a wonderful easy to use product, and now there are so many steps required to do anything.  If any Google Nest employees are reading this...thank you for this incentive to move to another company!  I'm not paying $160 for a subscription when I can't even get tech support.

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ridiculous! I think I’m going to check out Ring, from what I see a lot less expensive 

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Monthly subscription has gone up 20% for the basic 30 day recordings in the UK market!! Absolutely shameless by Google, especially for an app that is very poor and that the footage is not 4k at this time🤬🤬🤬

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For us in the UK it's has changed from £100.00 a year to £120.00 a year. I think that's the nudge I needed to say goodbye to this camera ecosystem and move to something that doesn't have a blue circle spinning when you're trying to watch something important. 
The app is rubbish and so is the web version, Google home does not support time scrubbing. Only a live view.
They want to charge more without improving it, no thanks. It's not worth £100 a year anyway.

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It should be an option to upgrade for a new feature and higher price. They lock customers in with the price and hassle of installing the hardware, then increase the price to use it once you’ve already bought-in? Far more than the price of inflation. FTC should look at this - I should be allowed at least a hardware refund if the software to use the device is increased in price and there isn’t a feature where service switching can occur for video display alerts history etc. 

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This cost increase is completely absurd. The price for my home is going from $60/yr to $80/yr, and my business is going from $120/yr to $150/yr. Sure, I can afford it, but I don't see how a company can justify increases this large when literally nothing changed on their product features or support. It's a shame, because I really don't want to use Ring after all the privacy issues I have read about.


This is the first price increase since the Nest Aware and Nest Aware Plus subscription plans (covering all cameras and doorbells in the same Google Nest "home/structure") were first introduced in May 2020.

And when will the nest app to home app merger be done? 

That could be but I had more features in 2020. They basically killed the Nest app and have yet to migrate many of the important features to the Google home app. Increasing pricing before actually fully implementing all of the missing features is insulting. 😠

Maybe tha first increase,but what are we getting for the extortionate price other than a harf assed home app integration poor quality video(for 2023) and in the UK we still haven't got the newer wired doorbell that Google WONT release here for an anonymous reason!! Increase after this amount of time should be upgraded to the full package .This technology gets cheaper to run after mass production but we are being royaly fleeced!!

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GOOGLE YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED!  Absolutely ridiculous!  No new feature, service or changes. What could you possibly think justifies this large increase other than your greed!  There are way more customers than there are stockholders. Stop trying to cater to them and take care of your customers. Then the stockholders will appreciate you for gaining market share / customer base which increases stock prices. 

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I just got my increase a little while ago: from $100 to $160! 60% increase!!!!! For what! I can see maybe $10 or @$20, not $60. That's ridiculous. 

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50% increase in my subscription this year in UK. Google made what $61 billion this year and yet when there is a global crisis are putting these short of price increases in place. 


Google nest doorbell. Going to reolink...

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Agree!  My rate increase is 33.4%!!!!  WTF?! The recent "update" has completely messed everything up - it's worse than before, with activity not updating, etc. etc. etc.  Totally outrageous.  This has turned me off all things Google.