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New Nest Doorbell no longer have Nest Aware

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My previous Nest Doorbell (Hello) quit working. Purchased a new Nest Doorbell. Deleted the old one and then installed the new one. Now I no longer have Nest Aware. It was renewed in September for 12 months. Will I be credited for the months lost on the annual subscription since I'm having to repurchase a new subscription?


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi there, 


I apologize for my late response and thank you for all of your patience while waiting for a reply. I definitely understand how frustrating your situation must be, and I wanted to make sure that your concern was acknowledged. Do you still need help with this issue? I know that there's been a delay in response since you posted.


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Yes. I'm just wondering if I need to renew Nest Aware and if there's a refund for the 5-6 months that didn't get used since I got a new Nest Doorbell?



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Community Specialist



I'm afraid I cannot answer your questions on Nest Aware. We do not process these requests in the Nest Community Forums. I would suggest looking over this article and bring any questions you have to Support.


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Community Specialist

Hey folks,


Thanks for visiting the Google Nest Community. 


Since this thread hasn't had activity in a while, we're going to close it to keep content fresh.

Check out this link for more information about your Nest Aware subscription.


If you have additional questions, feel free to submit another post and provide as many details as possible so that others can lend a hand. 


Hope this helps!


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