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Unable to separate incorrect face detection

Community Member

I have just recently started using Nest Aware using the Google Home app with my Nest Doorbell.

I've begun to add names to faces however one of the faces was incorrectly add to another name. Now I can't seem to find a way to separate this face out and put it with another one. I thought this service would be similar to Google Photos but seems to be sadly lacking.

The only option I can see is to permanently delete the incorrect face however if I do that, how will the system 'learn' the proper faces?


Community Member

I have this same issue, just setup two nest cam battery cameras, one at my front door and one on my drive way. 

I only have myself and partner setup in the face library right now but several times we have had deliveries the facial recognition marks the delivery drivers as me and there is no way for me to tell it that its incorrect.

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Community Specialist

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