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Disabling alarms on Nest Protect when away from home

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I have 3 nest Protects.  2 cannot be reached without a ladder.  Am concerned about how to silence a false alarm when I am away from my house or if it's only my house sitter.  Can I disable an alarm remotely with my phone?  Can the house sitter disable any or all alarms by only pressing the button that she can reach?  Other ideas?




From my experience, pressing the button on one device will silence all devices (assuming they are connected correctly).

Just make sure that "Silencing alarms" is turned on under the settings in the Nest app.

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Community Specialist

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@H-Man, thanks for sharing on how it works. Big help!


@stjoemike, the alert on your Nest Protect can be silenced via the Nest App or the device directly. I did found a useful article with some troubleshooting procedures to Silence Nest Protect.


Please let me know if that helps, or if you have any other questions or concerns.




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@stjoemike, I hope you've got the answer you're looking for. If you're still in need of any assistance, feel free to let us know. 


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