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Lost 120v wired connector please help

Community Member

I lost my 120v connector wire for nest smoke CO detector during a move a couple months back and given up searching. Any chance I can purchase this somewhere??

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Unfortunately they will not send 120v connector if not in warranty. 

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Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

Thanks for stopping by the Google Nest community. For replacement parts, I'd recommend that you contact the Google Nest support team directly.

Unfortunately they will not send 120v connector if not in warranty. 

Community Member

That is ridiculous when these are such EXPENSIVE UNITS and the part would could $5 or under!!  That is not good service and is VERY disappointing - especially when the units are only 3 years old and you boast that they last 10 years?!  I would not recommend getting these if you don't support your customers.

No surprises. Lousy customer service is just the “norm.” Companies that last and stand apart from the rest are Always customer-centric 1st. definitely not google lol. 

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I have the same problem - 220v wired version. Did you find a solution? c.lely@ziggo,nl

Community Member

I am in the same boat , any luck?? Total BS you can at least buy one!