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Nest Fire Alarm Interconnect

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I was wondering what the best way of getting a Nest fire alarm to interconnect with other that are 25m away.


I have Nest Smoke Alarms in my home, 3 in total. But I want to add one in to a garden outbuilding that is around 25m from the house. I want to Nest to be included with the other nest smoke alarms in the house, so if there is a fire in the outbuilding, I will be notified by the house alarms as well.

Is there a way to interconnect at a distance?




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Nest Protects use WiFi, 802.11 to communicate with the outside world and send you alerts etc.  To communicate amongst themselves, they use a proprietary protocol called WEAVE.  They advertise the range of WEAVE to be about 15 meters.  

Having said the above, I have a total of 10 Nest Protects.  Five Protects in my main house and 3 in my guest house located about 30 meters away.  There are two more in my shop which is 15 meters from my guest house.  They all communicate with one another via WEAVE, and the NIGHTLY PROMISE validates they are communicating with one another.  All of them are on the same WiFi network.  WEAVE utilizes wireless transmission and of course is subject to the uncertainties of wireless radio propagation.  I would just try what you propose and see if they communicate. Perhaps temporarily move one of your three to the distant location and see if it still communicates with the other two.  To my knowledge there is no "repeater" device for WEAVE.

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Community Specialist

Hey folks,


RussH, checking in — we hope you've got the answer you're looking for. Let us know if you have more questions in mind.

I appreciate the help, justsam.