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Nest Protect do not appear in Google Home App

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I just purchased 3 Nest Protect detectors installation and setup via the Nest App (iOS) was flawless. However unlike my Nest Door Bell post setup and installation the Nest Protect units do not appear in my Google Home app. Does anyone have a remedy for this problem or can it simply not be done?  

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Community Manager (Admin)
Community Manager (Admin)
We can confirm that supporting Nest Protect in Home App is indeed on our roadmap. We understand that this has been a long desired capability and the team is fully committed to expanding Home App support to cover the much loved Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide alarm.

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I'm befuddled with Google re Nest Protect. Google has 150K employees. Why not free up two engineers to remedy this issue????? Someone(s) should be fired.

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you can see so many other products in Google Home but Nest isn't one of them. It's hilarious to be honest.

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It's really a shame for Google. Their own Product doesn't work in their Google Home App. I've 3 of these expensive Nest Protects.

Go Google. Do your Homework!

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To be honest, the nest app is perfect! But if you have more Google products, it's nice to get them all in the same app.

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Just trying to keep this thread going....have two Nest Protects that do not show up in my Google Home App.  I waited over 3 years to integrate only to find this out....

The thread is still very much alive ericab2012 we're all still waiting for Google to step up. Since my original post back in December 2021 its creeping up the most viewed list. Its definitely grabbing the attention of the public but not Google it seems. Since that time NO representative has weighed in with any kind of update or hope for the future on this unfortunately. It seems very much like here take our money and run. >8-(   

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Just invested in the Google Home/Nest ecosystem and figured that the lack of a unified app was a recent thing.  D'Oh!  I am befuddled as to how this is still not fixed.  Also... I don't want to use google duo to communicate through my Nest Mesh speakers.  LOL

Yes its a bit bewildering isn't it lets have all our Google devices be manageable via Google Home except Google Nest Protect devices makes perfect sense doesn't it. SIGH ... 

It just means that safety is low on Google's priority list.

I bet they design something new Google Home friendly and rope us all in yet again. I'll be thinking twice this time though. UGH 

As soon as matter starts being seen in the wild current protects will be removed from the store. After 6 months of no ability to buy them at all there will be new protects, and they will work fine in the home app. About 6 months after their release they will check the box that adds the old ones. By 2025 we might have working current gen protects in the home app. On a side note my temp sensors were added and removed several times to my home about 2 weeks ago. They were always invisible but I got the alert for them. I KNOW they were temp sensors because of some unique locations they are in. So I'm convinced my thermostat has full functionality in home somewhere but it's hidden from my view intentionally.  

And by 2025 how many of these detectors will have hit the 7 year CO detector replacement cycle, or the 10 year smoke replacement cycle? I j7st bought a google pixel 6 pro to replace a dead lg v30 and things google does on there are also mad sketchy. Im about to return the phone and get a worse hardware camera to have pro mode.

By 2025 my protects won't be expired but they wont have many years left. And in my personal case the protects expiring marks the end of google in my house if they haven't fixed their ***. I keep my hub max, thermostat, temp sensors, and protects because they work together in an obsolete way in the eyes of google, when the protects go I've got to look at the whole package for possible replacement. I have no faith I'll want to replace with Google products.


Yup google has already planted that seed in my brain that they cant be trusted. All this cloud management of IoT means were at the mercy of them keeping it online and in the same condition as designed. I hope matter means we can get some local control.

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OK I spent several nights figuring out why I couldn't add my Nest Protect smoke detectors using "Works with Google" (some login issue), just to learn that actually Google does not even support Nest Protect in Google Home App. This is ridiculous, considering the price of these things. It does not even seem so hard to implement. Reading all the comments I see that Google is pretty much ignoring us. Dissapointing.

Yup that pretty much sums it up Sanderrr010 we've all been duped welcome to the "Nest Protect Disappointment Thread"

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This is really a shame! I would like them to have them in Google home of other officially supported app. i would like to turn on all lights and open all stores when smoke is detected. When the batterys become low and this is still An issue. I Will replace them by another brand. I have 7 protects. 


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There is literally one line in all of Google's documentation that confirms the "non-integration":

Set up smart devices in the Google Home app - Google Nest Help

"Note: Nest Protect, Nest Tag, and Nest Temperature Sensor will only appear in the Nest app."

Marketing team has done their job - Google branding everywhere on the Nest Protect boxes, but fail to highlight one of the most important "features" of the product i.e. the above statement - should be on the back of the box or in the install instructions, but funnily enough, nowhere to be seen except the link above.

This is grounds for misleading advertising - branding your product Google (no Nest branding logo), then directing you to install a non-Google branded "Nest" app that has no integration with Google.  A bit like advertising a Skoda using Volkswagen branding - same company, but completely different cars, servicing, etc.

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When I moved house 2 years ago I thought I’d buy into the Nest ecosystem thinking that, being owned by Google, they’d know a thing or two about the internet/web/smart homes and maintain a decent ecosystem.

 Little did I know how incompetent they are!


Nest Aware: I pay £60/yr to effectively have 3 video feeds recorded (the thermostat and protectsx3 don’t need the sub)

Hello doorbell : 40-120s delay before I was notified of someone ringing the doorbell. By the time I could talk to them they’d walked off.

Nest Cameras x2 : Same issue as above, I got fed up with missing deliveries and events.

 Home app vs Nest app : nest app gave me live thumbnails of the images from the above video feeds but the Home app doesn’t - I have to click  the tile to see anything - another fail by Google (I want to instantly see what’s going on when I open the app not keep clicking through)

 Nest Protects: configurable through the Nest app. no presence whatsoever in the Home app and I genuinely think Google doesn’t care enough to ever fix it. They simply won’t. Yet another fail 

Nest thermostat: at least this shows up in Google home, but isn't fully functional. No option to manage a schedule, use eco settings or see history. Yet another fail Google. I see a pattern here!

 Google Hub minis x3: constant issues with one of them refusing to connect which (despite another 2 year long thread here discussing it) has never been addressed. Managed to swap mine out for one that worked but seriously Google?

 Nest Hub Max: at least this works (1 thing that does).

Google Alarm?: killed off the Nest one and then made one by ADT (blue) which is available in the US but no sign of it coming to the UK. Was prepared to buy it if it did.


 So I’ve invested heavily in Nest and was prepared to continue doing so but have now realised they are simply not competent when it comes to devices. They should stick to what they know (Internet search engines) and leave tech to more knowledgeable companies.

 Anyway I found a definitive SOLUTION to these issues:

Hello Doorbell? Removed/sold and replaced with Ring Doorbell Pro 2 - notifications take 1-2 seconds on the SAME network environment so at least I’m not missing those deliveries anymore

 Nest Outdoor cam  x2? Removed/sold and replaced with 2x Spotlight cams from Ring. Such an improvement that I also got an Indoor Cam to go with them.

 Importantly I can admin ALL of them from the Ring app too, and can see what they’re doing live at the same time as soon as I open the app without having to “click through” as I did on Home 

Alarm system? Bored of waiting for Google or Nest (or whatever they want market it as) to release one out here so bought a Ring Alarm System instead - very configurable and does just what I need.

 Thermostat? I use Home and the Nest minis to change temp….

…..and the Protects? I admin these on a separate tab in my browser logged into my Nest account - not ideal but if Google aren’t interested what else can I do (seeing as their deprecating The Nest app)

 Nest aware? Stopped. I subbed to Ring Plus instead and instead of (3 video recordings for £60/yr) I now pay Ring (4 video recordings plus full alarm monitoring for £80/yr) - much better vfm

So I’m simply migrating away from this joke of a company and putting my money elsewhere. I know Google isn’t reading this and simply doesn’t care but if we vote with our feet maybe they’ll take notice?

 Plus, with all the choices we have today, I thought why should I stick it out waiting year on year for this company to fix things when there are plenty of others out there where their tech already works as is?

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Good to hear you have possitve experiences with Ring. I started off with Alexa a year or so before they made it to the UK. Bought one on a trip to America.

Made the same mistake as you going the Google route. Removed all of the crappy Nest cameras (one would drop wifi connections litterally 3 meters from an access point. Seriously!!!!)  Could not wait to cancel Nest protect. Started to reintroduce Alexa but will wait till black Friday to ditch the nest doorbell and all my Google home hubs. The plastic front on the best doorbell is peellng off so another poor quality Nest product. 

One of the last things to ditch will be my Gmail account. Already removed all my pics from Google / data from Drive.

So from a first adopter and advocate of google I have moved over to other providers. I have absolutely no confidence in Google as a smart home provider. 

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Why bother creating a new app Google home to control some of the nest products. When you have a nest app? They should have renamed nest app to Google home instead making a half baked app like Google home. Which only control some nest products 

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For those in the EU: return the product as non-conforming. Google's statement on software updates holds no merit as the box is labelled Google. It is therefore reasonable to expect these work with Google Home.

The legal route is to return where they were purchased. They cannot refuse and cannot charge any fees.

Stores will get fed up and stop selling them. Google will not move for any other reason than a financial one - certainly not because they care about customer satisfaction, or this had been resolved years ago.

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Is there any update regarding this issue?

Nothing I know of

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I would think Google would want to avoid a class action lawsuit.  Odd that they are ignoring this for so long.  

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Given that Nest Protect is for saving lives, shouldn't integrating Protect into Home be Google's priority? Next app is poor as it does not alert you to loss of wi-fi (could be caused by a yet undetected fire) and the sound alerts it sends are not customisable, so if you are away from home, you could easily sleep through 'alerts' while your house is burning down - the phone should explode with alerts/vibrations if all Nests are detecting fire!

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It gets even funnier - meanwhile I bought a Homey to deal all my SmartHome stuff. And they apparently were able to integrate the Nest Protect stuff just fine, as well as integration with Google Home.

So that takes technical hurdles off the list as potential argument. There just is no will.

Recommend viewing the 'Billion Dollar Code' on NetFlix as it explains how Google stopped using the 'Don't be evil' slogan and hides any information from search that it does not like.

High time for the EU to regulate corporations that view themselves as god and above the law.


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I'm not sure how related to this topic it is but I'll put it here anyway. I enabled  Google advanced protection on my main account and it bricked my "home". This "home" was a migrated nest account I've just renamed over the years. After 3 hours of fighting to delete said home I was able to make a new home, which also made a new nest home of the same name and re add all 25 some devices back to it, with advanced protection enabled. My conclusion is that some critical processes were being routed through nest because it was a nest created home and advanced protection severed them. If this is the case maybe Google is finding it very hard to not brick all those old accounts and force them to all rebuild from scratch 

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Since 2019 they merged the nest to Google accounts absolutely nothing happened. I really waited long enough. I am finally finished with Google’s intransparent, customer unfriendly way of dealing with everything. It’s like eat or die. All my Google nest hubs, nest hello, cameras etc. everything get kicked out now. Welcome Alexa. 

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so i bought a nest protect smoke alarm today, guess what i'm taking back for a refund tomorrow. google really should advertise it doesn't intergrate with google or anything at all. literally no different to a dumb smoke alarm

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Wow, I thought I was the stupid one.

I just wanted my protects to send me a text and email if my house was on fire.

Never needed Home.

That has never happened in two years of trying. I'm selling my protects and getting what? I need a smoke detector that texts me if the house is on fire.

What smoke detector texts you if the house is on fire?

I'm sure the main developers are reading this. I would if I was the main developer. The problem is the fix is so massive, they cannot do it. A Chinese company has to manufactor a new chip and it's been put on hold since the US government needs a chip  before they can get to it, (or something like that)

Thanks for a great group. Click here for the drug of your choice.


Just trying to get Nest only to send texts to me when it detects smoke, fire or Co2. 

I thought it did when I bought it but not now. 

Is there another app out there that will do this? Otherwise I'm selling all of them and getting:

Thank you. I'm selling my Nest Protects.



Wifi Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector, Smoke & CO Alarm, Battery Operated, Phone Alert, 10 Year Life Time, ETL Listed UL217 and UL2034, GS886W


US$ 49.99


Google cannot blame the chip shortage on this one. It's all the fact they do not want to integratw it. They want to kill nest. So the best we can do is keep this thread going, keep it at the top of the section and anyone looking for info on protects can see that they're not supported by Google and something else should be bought or they should return them. I returned my new pixel 6 pro because Google had no desire to allow anyone to use manual settings on the camera. All the AI post processing that worked great on daytime photos is worthless in low light or for night shots. I tried Google first bc i didnt want Samsung, but after hearing lies about "best camera" and having a brand new phone lagging, and shutting down, i took it back. I'm rightbwhere im about to migrate off of google workspace, voice, etc and find a more trustworthy company.

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Is there any update on this issue so far. Just bought a nest protect for my newly installed oven. On the box of the nest protect clearly a Google logo is shown. This is absolutely misleading, Nest should not be allowed to print a Google logo on its devices if they are not able to communicate with Google's ecosystem. Why is it not possible to integrate the device into Google home? I am really disappointed from product integration, though the smoke detector seems solid.

Not that I know of. All 6 of mine are definitely not in my home app. Along with temp sensors for nest thermostat. Nest IS Google now, so this is 100% a Google thing. I've had that carrot dangled in front of me for years now so I don't exactly have high hopes of a resolution soon ether 

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The Google logo is because it's a Google product. Integrated products have the Assistant logo.

Fun fact: mine did as it was manufactured back when it was a Nest product and Assistant compatible, but by the time it arrived Google had "merged" the companies and killed compatability...

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Google, when will Nest Protect devices be added to Google Home app?  ?  Seems there isn't any action happening on this front?

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What I understoo so far.
- Google bought Nest and had a very limited budget for integrating it into Google assistant
- But they are revamping google Home and updates are being pushed. Perhaps they have something
    scheduled for this update.

- There are non cloud  based IoT applications. The most populare one for Android,
   Home Assistant, reportedly supports the nest protect. But you'd have to install Home Assistan on a dedicated
   computer, a Raspberry PI or a Linux computer: Clearly geek work
Home automation is clearly an example of the limitations when it comes to free global trade. A zillion of standards an no compatibility. Maybe it's better to wait ten years.

It would be reasonable for Google to answer on this thread and not leave us in doubt. Google home was so easy to install. Almost a miracle. But it builds expectations. And you can destroy such a good sentiment very quickly. That is what has been done. 


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Shameful how T3 just posts incorrect and obviously unverified information about how great it is you now have presence sensing with Nest Protect. While the whole device doesn't even show...

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Saving the best for last

Finally, Google is bringing sensor support to the Google Home ecosystem. This means you will be able to trigger automations by motion. It’s not clear if contact sensors or other sensor types such as leak or smoke detectors will also work. I’ve reached out to Google for clarification.

Kattukaran did say the Nest Protect smoke alarms will be migrated to the new Home app,”