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Nest Protect do not appear in Google Home App

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I just purchased 3 Nest Protect detectors installation and setup via the Nest App (iOS) was flawless. However unlike my Nest Door Bell post setup and installation the Nest Protect units do not appear in my Google Home app. Does anyone have a remedy for this problem or can it simply not be done?  

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Community Manager (Admin)
Community Manager (Admin)
We can confirm that supporting Nest Protect in Home App is indeed on our roadmap. We understand that this has been a long desired capability and the team is fully committed to expanding Home App support to cover the much loved Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide alarm.

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Diamond Product Expert
Diamond Product Expert


The Nest Protects use the Nest app only. Not sure why they are not in the Google Home app yet but I do hope it is something that is planned. I would like to have all my devices in one app.


That's what I thought, yes its unfortunate the only thing I don't have in my Google Home App are the Nest Protect's everything else is there google related except these.

And a ton of things non-google related! Really disappointed by was part of the reason I got google home

Does anyone know what this is marked as a solution for me? Just want to be sure we're drawing attention to this rather sad defect. 

It definitely is NOT resolved and I don’t recall ever setting the thread as such. If I did it was a mistake nor do I know how it would be tagged as such. Problem remains you have to manage Nest Protects separately in the Nest App functionality to manage EVERYTHING in the Google Home App is still not possible unfortunately.

Diamond Product Expert
Diamond Product Expert

I can un mark it since it was my reply. I think the community specialists mark "solutions" when there is no more to add from their end. The platform doesn't differentiate solutions/resolutions/etc

I hear you though. Let's get it un-marked and we can keep the discussion going.

Google fix this!

I can confirm Google responded to a ticket from a "form" they asked users to submit "for more help." They confirmed that Nest Protects do not work in Google Home. (Duh?) They also repeated the words "working on it." And refused any possible timeline. 


So id have to agree that this thread should not be marked solved until google actually solves the issue. 

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Home preview mode also not displaying nest protects.

I also recently got my 1st nest protect and signed up with my Google account, had read protects show up in the newest preview mode but I dont see it. 😕

Yeah anything you may have read as a work-a-round simply will not work to see these in the Home App.

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I believe you have to reinstall the nest protect in the home preview app and not in the nest app.

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They literally just said they installed in preview. Google is not migrating Nest protects into home. No workarounds will work. 

Just from what ive experienced from googles "support" here and in feedback forms and support tickets and denied warranty claims, they just dont care. Actions speak louder than words. 


I'll believe it after i see someone else do it successfully and try it for myself. 

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Is agree. This should have been a default setup setting from google. Disappointed that it’s not. I suppose they’re trying to protect their Nest security ecosystem, but it’s actually turning me off from getting any other nest security products since I refuse to get more products that would require me to use multiple apps for to use.  There’re enough apps out there, Google. Cmon. 

They aren’t trying to protect Nest security. They gave up on nest security and sold it to ADT. Google buys companies like Nest, then destroys them. This isn’t about them protecting anything, this is about them not giving a crap. Google gets into businesses not for the customer but to exploit the customer for data. They are an awful company. 

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Thank you.  This is REALLY disappointing news - nothing in the box said anything about this missing feature.

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It's been radio silence for so long, with nothing more than a black hole "feedback template" response. So it's not happening. Hopefully you're still within the return period and can return them. If not, it's possible your bank or credit card could possibly do something as the product was fraudulently represented to have certain features. (Like idk... Working with an app???!) 

Unfortunately it does do what it says. The box doesn't even say anything about Google Home and the new packaging I'm pretty sure has removed if it's compatibility as well so anyone who bought one under false priest tenses was unaware of what the current status of the product is. Which really just makes me more upset because it completely goes against what you expect out of a Google product at this point, yet it's exactly what it says it is. Any information you might find saying you can link nest protect to lights and such is probably at least three years old

Google is treading very carefully to leave out important information and be vague in their sales content, just enough to possibly get away with it. We used to expect more quality from Google, but the way they act lately, they're going to push people away. Even if they don't care if we buy their stuff anymore, soon that will mean they cant collect as much data to sell. They'll lose out on when I'm home, walking by the occupancy sensors of the protects, or all the thermostat data, or fitbit metrics, etc. 


It might not mention working in google home, but i just peeked at the google store page and several claims mention features that are very broken, very well demonstrated on this forum.

I agree its sketchy to see a lack of mention of WHAT app is used at all other than some partial screenshots. 

Quote from sales page: italics are my comments

It’s time to expect more
from your smoke alarm.
Nest Protect has been redesigned from the inside out. (How long ago? Designing bugs?) It has a Split-Spectrum Sensor, tests itself automatically and lasts up to (if the battery melting, or not detected issues, don't kill it first.) a decade. It’s also the first home alarm you can hush from your phone (i haven't been able to do this for several years. ) without any extra hardware required. And it tells you what’s wrong and can even alert your phone. (notifications of alarms are severely delayed or don't come at all. The "sound check" notification usually hits AFTER the beeps.)
Then on the install faq, it mentions multiple times you can pay for a pro install, but then tells you to download the nest app. Clicking that article tells you to get the Google Home app, and that "

Nest app requirements

Note: The Nest app is not available in all regions and languages."


It also mentions if you want to use the nest app with android tv, you need a non migrated nest account. 



Incredibly disappointing.


It's the same company and noone wants to use the dumb nest app.


Why is this so hard?

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello everybody,


Thanks for reaching out here in the Community. We understand your concern and we're aware that the Nest Protect is not available in the Google Home app. Right now, we don't have any news as to when this will be available in the Google Home app. We're always looking for ways to improve and we'll take it as feedback. I'd suggest you send feedback using this link to let the Google Engineering team know about your concern. While they won't respond directly back to you, this is the best way to let them know about this. Please let me know if you have other questions or concerns as I will be locking this after 24 hours. Feel free to start a new thread and we'll be happy to help.




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So instead of you reaching out to them, and instructing them to fix an issue that they caused and repairing their reputation with customers, you are going to silence our voices?  What an absolute joke!

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What else would you expect from a company that removed "don't be evil" from their code of conduct?  I can't image that supporting Nest Protect would be particularly difficult, they clearly do not WANT to do so and do not want to admit to such either.

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Please send a link to this discussion to the engineers. They must see the volume of disappointment.

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Emerson. Why would you blisev

Community Member

Emerson why would you close a non resolved active issue?

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Emerson, did you want to learn how to enrage the forum? did you really think you'd get the customer base to let you lock the megathread? With the exact template response you gave me after telling me I could access home/away data from the protects in home? (I cant, and havent heard your reply. I cant trust its possible.) 

I'm convinced you and Zoe are AI bots at this point...

You will NOT lock this thread. Not now, Not after 24 hours. Not until the Nest Protects stop sales and cease to function in the abandoned Nest app. 

Hello Emerson,

Please don't lock this thread it's very important to us that we are able to voice our opinions on this matter. We are the ones who own this product and we are the ones who represent the customer base. Please do us a favor and send the link along to whomever you need to reach out to. 

Thank you for your time.

This is such a BS shrug-your-shoulders absolutely nothing of a response. Shame on you. Shame on your team. Fix your lazy, sloppy mistakes.

Also, why close this forum? Because of your shame at not being able to meet the most basic requests of your users? Because you don't want to hear us complain about a topic your company is never going to address or correct? What on earth benefits your users from closing this forum? Hmmmm? What? You are simply shutting down a conversation you are uncomfortable with because Google is never going to correct this issue. You know this. This is your way of making that point. What a sad, abusive ecosystem you have going here.

Google wants to piss off the loudest of it's customer base so it's hardware line can die I see.

I went in and tried to give feedback as you suggested but I can’t give feedback on my smoke detector because it doesn’t appear in the google home app. I can only give feedback on devices that appear in the app. Those who have chimed in are right. Your answer was just trying to sweep the problem under the rug. We can’t even give feedback in the way you suggested. 

That is very upsetting. 

I'm not surprised misdirection seems to be their mantra on this issue on many fronts. 

Here's a new issue I just discovered a few days ago.  So I decided to mirror my mobile device to my TV to stream my cameras.  This actually works incredibly well on the old nest cameras.  When I connected to the new Nest Floodlight Camera, the audio does not transfer to my TV.  Only video.  The sounds switches back to my mobile device.  This is only on the new Google Floodlight Camera that I recently installed.  All of my 12 other legacy Nest Cameras work flawlessly.  So much for new and improved.. UUUUGH!

While somewhat off topic - I can cast the newer ones to a Chromecast just fine, I assume your doing it a different way 

I am screen mirroring with my iPhone and/or iPad.  Maybe I'll try to cast and see if that works.  It is rather strange that the nest cameras pass audio and video while mirroring, but not the new Google camera.  This behavior is the same either by using the Nest or Google Home apps.  Yes, it is a bit off topic and I apologize for that.

No need to mirror just say 'stream "camera name" on "tv name"'

Yeah, I do tell Alexa to stream as well.  The downfall of that is you can't scrub or zoom.  Mirroring does all of that.  The main reason I like to mirror instead of telling Alexa or Google to stream it to my TV.

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You will find that 'Google Nest' is not compatible with 'Nest', they are a different product line, but use similar packaging. You will find that you cant use features such as recording a video clip from Google Nest Cams if the Nest Protects detect smoke etc, where as the old Nest Camera's this could be done.