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Nest Protect (gen 2) and Thread/Matter compatibility

Community Member

Google's comments about Thread or Matter compatibility with the Protect are conspicuously absent either way.

The Weave protocol seems close to Thread now. Will existing Protects be updated to work with Thread? If not, will there be a new version of the Protect to support Thread?

I have several Nest Protects that are great. I'm holding off recommending these to a couple of friend's whole house installations until I can see where these are headed. Thanks.


Community Member

Exactly the same here,  I’ve been watching the news from Google about this for over a year, but still nothing. I have seen Google promising to upgrade some other Nest devices, but nothing about Protect.

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Really want the answer to this question as well. There can't be any problem to make Nest Protect, Matter compatible with a software update. Thread (wireless protocol) is hardware so that is obviously out of the question.

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Well, already waiting for years here. Nest Protect is great product, but totally mismanaged by Google. 
Specs of 2nd gen Nest Protect shows it has hardware Wireless Interconnection: 802.15.4 at 2.4 GHz,
which is the same wireless standard TREAD uses (IEEE 802.15.4)
Since Matter standard compatible Google devices have arrived and it utilizes Thread protocol, I'm hoping Nest Protect will finally be integrated into Google Home ecosystem. So I've decided to get Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro routers, since "Nest Wifi Pro has a built-in Thread border router to connect your Thread mesh network of smart devices to your Wi-Fi network."
But there is no official statement from Google regarding the future of Nest Protect, so it's still a gamble IMO.

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Same issue wrt wanting Nest Protect support PLUS I have a bunch of iDevices that are fully supported by HomeKit that I run on my AppleTV and I see no info at all about support iDevices in Google Home.  I have a Ring doorbell and a couple older Ring cameras and Google Home support for those seems minimal not supporting a number of features that you get with the Ring app.   If I could get all of my devices supported by either HomeKit or Google Home (and fully supported) that would be great but I don't think its looking likely.

Community Member

Same: Purchase ON HOLD pending Nest Protect Thread/Matter support. 

Community Member

Any word regarding a third gen nest protect with thread or matter support? I have been holding off buying a few and just appears that google has really does not care in improving the product.