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Nest Protects online but flashing yellow?

Community Member

Hi there,

I have 3 Nest Protects in my home. Yesterday, I silenced an alarm in the kitchen (Smokey cooking) and since then the other two Protects in my house are still flashing yellow. 

If I tap the button on the two that are flashing, it gives me the “heads up, there’s smoke in the kitchen “ prompt, and I can’t seem to get rid of it.

all three show that they are online in the app, but they won’t complete a test, and the directions for a factory reset aren’t working.

What do I do now?


Community Member

I am having the exact same issue except that my heads up message is saying that there is carbon monoxide downstairs. I have 7 devices and I tried removing the one where it said the issue was but now I can't re add it. I am more than frustrated.

Community Member

Hey there,

I was on the Iine with tech support for about an hour and it’s all fixed now:

the first step was to remove the “primary unit” (the first one I installed originally and factory reset it. Once that was done, I was able to factory reset my others. Had to remove them all from my ap and factory rest them before starting over with the set up in app - which also meant pulling them down to be able to scan the QR codes on the back of each.


luckily I only had to deal with 3, vs your 7, but I’m back in action now. Hopefully this works for you.

tech support said it sounds like when I silenced the alarm, the Nest network glitched and it didn’t send the signal

to reset the alert to the others. Very frustrating 

Community Member

It worked. Had to delete and reinstall everything but it's working now. Thanks.