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No alerts on mobile phone upon Nest Protect alarm

Community Member

Have a number of Nest Protect devices and they are pretty sensitive and work great when smoke is detected (oven too long on, fire place door not closed....).

The local alarm is great, but, if you are not at home there does not seem to be any way to get an alarm on your phone at all which seems a bit strange. It should switch your camera's on but if you do not get a proper notification what is the point in that? 
The testing is supposed to provide feedback on the phone as well, I've only heard the tiniest of 2 beeps on the PC or Phone that you press the test on, if that is all you hear from the monthly test then it's pretty dumb as those beeps are easy to miss (in now over a year of use of the units I've never heard a notification on the phone it is done it's test).

Am I missing some setup issue here or is it another missed opportunity from Google?