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nest protect mounting bracket

Community Member

I need a nest protect mounting bracket please. It is a battery operated. Serial# 2018 NOV 24. 

I didn't get any support the last time I posted, although i got an email saying I earned a badge which I don't know what is for or where to claim. I need a bracket not a badge 😁


Community Member

 I recently posted in another thread with the same request. I received both a reply to my posting as well as an email from a person named Ai (Artificial intelligence?) at the " The Google Nest Customer Care Team " containing a case number and asking me to respond with my nest protect details. After replying to the email with the requested information I didn't receive any response, but a few days later I got another email from Ai asking for the same information and containing a new case number. Even more strange, they locked the thread in which I had originally posted claiming the issue had been resolved. Google, please help!

yeah my last thread was locked without resolving too..