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Google Nest Thermostat Wont Connect to Wifi

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I've had a Nest thermostat for about a year, and it all of a sudden can no longer find my home's wifi network.  I've followed every procedure, including factory reset, and still no luck.  

Any suggestions? 



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I had the same issue and the fix was changing the wifi name so that the 2.4 ghz frequency channel and the 5 ghz channel did not have the same names.  Nest has issues choosing one when both names are the same.  So just change one name and retry.

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I dont think i have a 2.4 vs 5 ghz option.  I could unplug the router and address the problem that way? 

But doesn't your phone have to be on the same network to control the nest? Couldn't that cause issues controlling things that are on the 5 ghz network? Thanks

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I had to buy an extender by Netgear  to get the option of 2.4. Could not go around it with the router. 

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I have the same issue. The thermostat doesn’t seem to be able to see the WiFi network. I have tried using my phone as a hotspot but it couldn’t see that network either.

I was on the phone all day with Nest support, my internet service provider, my modem manufacturer, AND router customer service.  

Troubleshooting with all 4 yielded the same result: the Nest thermostat simply could not connect to my home wifi. 

Nest customer service is issuing me a new device, thanks to an existing warranty.  Positive outcome i suppose, but this issue vexed everyone today.  All troubleshooting techniques were useless. 

Your problem is not unique. I expect you had the blue line going round and round etc.?

Then unable to connect to network?

Yes thats exactly what i experienced. Blue line round and round and couldnt find the network.  Hopefully the problem is the actual device is defective in some way, and a new one will be the solution. 

Yes that is a known issue, and 9/10 it's a wifi chip.

As in, the wifi chip is defective/broken, and the only solution is a new thermostat? 

Yes you have it.

Another time I have come across this situation, when people apply 240v to the display. People think the Nest is a direct swap for a standard thermostat, but they are not the same voltage. The blue line going round then, is an issue with the display having a surge in voltage through the base connector.

Now you have me concerned....🙄

Merely replacing the device may not be the solution. Maybe it requires a re-wiring of the entire unit? 

I think you may have missunderstood.

I mean, I have seen that situation before when a wiring mishap happened.

Your's has been working for a year, so I would assume it's not a wiring mishap.

It is but Google won’t own it.shame.

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It’s the device design (chip) is defective but Google will not own it and will try to use warranty excuse and not send a replacement for free to address the problem. Check your firmware version too. Many people are reporting 6.2.22 version which nowhere listed by Google and yet it’s pushed on to my thermostat and since then the device does not connect to WiFi and to Nest App. 

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Ahh yes i definitely misunderstood.   Gotta assume the wiring is good if its been working.  Fingers crossed the device itself was the problem.  We'll see next week when the new one gets delivered. 😁

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Join the google class action!

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Cant believe i'm saying this, but the Nest customer service person was very helpful.  I know - shocking for Google.  But after exhausting all troubleshooting options, they are sending me a new thermostat.  

Well I can believe you are, as I have said in many posts on this forum, NEST are the good guys, Google are not. Ever since Google have taken over, it's been a shambles, but the original Nest staff are very good, and help out as best they can under their circumstances.

They have to spend time with the troubleshooting process, as there are so many users out there who do not have a clue. You knew the issue, but they still have to drill you with questions.

Praise where praise is due, Nest are good . They are for the European area, sadly the USA has to fumble along with Google, as their warranty is only for a year as well.

Good to hear you will be up and running.