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Nest Thermostat E TD009 (0.80)

Hi Everyone, hoping someone might have some suggestions. Already been on to Google Support on the phone.This is my second Thermastat E, the first one wouldn't pair at all so was returned for a replacement.With this device I get to the "Finalising Nes...

LeslieC by Community Member
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best, practices from Nest should be....

One of my thermostats when off-line. The other one, along with 31 other smart products in that home are all on-line. So the likely problem is that the voltage coming from my HVAC's air handler has derogated. In fact, in talking with nest, the last re...

HermanS by Community Member
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Nest stuck in Continue setup in the Google Home app

I factory reset my Nest (mirror version). It is now stuck on Continue setup in the Google Home app. I've tried removing the batteries and replacing. No change I've also tried pressing the ring for 10 seconds. No change from that.

Gordon99 by Community Member
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AC not cooling after Nest install

Hello, We recently updated our old thermostat with a Nest over the winter. We had no issues with the heat function in the colder months (we live in MN) but now that we need to switch to AC, it doesn’t seem to be cooling our house down. Background: ou...

Nat4 by Community Member
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Resolved! Eco Mode and Voice Commands

I find it frustrating and a little short sighted that I can't Voice Command Google Home out of Eco Mode on the thermostat."Hey Google, Set the temperature to 70°"... is currently set to ECO mode. To change the temperature, you'll have to set it to a ...

Resolved! How do I resolve a warranty return issue?

I returned a nest thermostat under warranty. I have proof of delivery to Google. Google is still sending me email asking when I will return the thermostat and warning me that I will soon be charged.How do I speak with someone directly to provide proo...

pmarion by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat AC turns on then off

I replaced a regular thermostat with a Nest and having a problem in which the AC will turn on, but then immediately turn off (fan in the AC starts up but then turns off, you can also hear the switch click off). The blower fan keeps on for a bit but t...

IMG_5052.jpeg IMG_5076.jpeg IMG_5075.jpeg
Brad3301 by Community Member
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Google Nest Compatibility with Daikin

Hi there! Can anyone advise if Google Nest Learning Thermostat would be compatible with my current thermostat? Wires are “P/P1” and “N/P2” Thank you! 

IMG_9084.jpeg IMG_9085.jpeg
SI7 by Community Member
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2nd Nest Thermostat in home off line but 1st is fine

We have 2 Nest thermostats in our home. Upstairs is working just fine- but the downstairs thermostat is off line and has been for 3 days. I’m not sure what going on. Hoping someone can help. I’m afraid to delete the unit

Deanna4 by Community Member
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