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Google owes me money after collecting money for returns and never refunding it

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During the border lock down I went through a whole scenario of replacing a google nest thermostat that broke in the middle of an extremely cold winter here in Canada. Took them almost a week to sort out their system issues.

On the day a replacement was received, they charged me for the item (on their emails it says it should only be charged after a certain time when they dont receive the return) I messaged their agent, and they said it would be refunded. The item was sent back via Fedex or UPS the same day.

Obviously I had forgotten to check my statements afterwards. Now 2 years later, clearing out old emails, I notice the exchange and checked my statements. There was no refund, so I reach out to them.

After a short exchange of "they'll look into it" over a month ago, when email to ask for updates, all I'm getting is this:


"Thanks for reaching out to the Google Nest Customer Care Team.

This email is in regards to the Authorization hold on the replacement processed. In order to check a few details and help you with the further details, I request you to contact us back with the same email address that you are receiving this email to and refer to the below Case number so that our team will check the details and help you further accordingly.

For your reference your case number is (case number). If you need more help, you can contact us again and reference this case number or reply to this email to reopen your case.

Have a new question? There are lots of ways to get back in touch with us below."


When you email him back with the same case number, they just parrot the exact same message again.

What do I do? Call the bank for chargeback?



Good luck with this one, I have been waiting about 3 years for my doorbell to be returned.

Never seen it since the day I sent back under warranty.

Same old excuse, and the helpers here try to get involved, but never been replaced.

Keep at them that's all I can say, eventually they will grind you down, where you give up like I did.

They won, they need the money!!!

Hello there,


Thanks for reaching out to the Google Nest Community Forum.

@Luxferre, I'm sorry you have to experience this, and we hope you can have a better time. I'd like to investigate this further and try to make things right.

Can you please share with us any of your Google Support ID numbers from your previous contact?

@Frustratedddd, we'll take your experience as feedback. I understand your thoughts that it shouldn't take three long years for any warranty-related process. If you need further assistance, we'd also love to look for it. Please share your support ID number so we can dissect what happened.



This is the case number that they tell me to send in then proceed to ignore me and sends the exactly same message when I do. He claims the charges only apply when the return unit isn't received within 21 days, but the fact is this was charged just after the replacement unit was sent out.

There is also the issue that I was promised that there would be a bronze replacement for me, since they were only able to ship out a silver one at that time due to Covid

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi Luxferre,


I'm sorry for the late response. I relayed this to our team for updates, and it appears that this case was way back two years ago, so the RMA was closed. So for us to proceed with the next process, if you wouldn't mind filling out this form, I'll get you the right level of help.

Keep me posted once you're done so I can elevate it.


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey Folks, 


@Luxferre, we got your form. One of our support team will reach out to you via email. Once you receive an email, please reply to it and continue the conversation there.


Thanks for the help, Mark.




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Here's an update to this case: So apparently Google never received it, despite it being sent out via UPS so they're refusing the refund.


With all the issues with their systems, I guess this is the logical response.


Buyers beware if you purchase a google product. Their warranty is a scam,  and they make you pay full price for a refurbished product when you try to deal through their warranty, and for a color you dont want. I'll be calling my credit card for a chargeback. They can deal with them

Well I did say ''Good Luck'' with this one when you started!!!

Below are some of the posts I have started since Google STOLE my doorbell. Never seen the doorbell since that day, and all the Google helpers on ended up with nothing.

Google are a rule to themselves, and after ALL the proof I sent of them receiving the doorbell, and postage proof, pictures, you name it - NOTHING. Never had anything from them, I am £150 out of pocket.

'Sorry to say, ''Join The Google Ripped Of Club''