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Heat Link Broken

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woke this morning to find the Nest Thermostat had disconnected and was displaying a spanner and screwdriver picture. Went to the Heat Link to find it was not powered up. I have attempted both soft and hard resets, checked circuit breakers and can also confirm 230v is present at the unit. Searching on here I can see this is a well known issue. I have to go away on business today and consequently am leaving my family with no heating or hot water. Would it please be possible to have a solution provided as soon as possible.


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I cannot seem to purchase just the Heat Link either, any one help?

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What did Nest say when you rang them?

How do I ring them, where is the number?


My prefered method is with a telephone, you must know what I mean, they have numbers on them.

Are you seriously having a laugh??

Have you ever heard of the internet? This invention allows you to use the SEARCH for certain items and people, not to mention telephone numbers!!!

Why not try ''Google Nest contact number'' to start of with!

You have wasted 24hrs on this pointless forum waiting for an answer, Why? All you have to do is type ''Google Nest contact number'' in the search bar, and up pops the number. You would have had the heat link sorted by now. Failing that SEARCH this forum,and there are dozens of people in the same situation. Try looking at some of my posts.

I have contacted Google and am awaiting a Senior Tech to contact me, I think you may have anger issues by the way.

Exactly the reply I would expect!