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How do I make a complaint about the recent customer support

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I want to know how to make a complaint please can you tell me what the process is?

Case ID [1-2895000032812]

I recently contacted the Nest Helpdesk because my Nest thermostat was triggering my boiler to fire up despite neither the heating or hot water being on. I could not understand why the boiler was firing up the only way I could stop it was to switch of the Heatlink device. So I looked up the issue online first andI could not find a solution so I contacted the Nest help desk . I spoke to a member of the Customer services team over a number of days and hours he asked me to check various settings which I did but the problem continued. I then got another call from a different customer services agent who thought he had the solution but this did not fix it.

The first agent sent me an email with instructions on how to contact a Nest engineer which says that I would have to pay for the engineer to come round (£98) and then once I submitted the invoice to Google they would reimburse me. I am now being told they will not reimburses me as the engineer diagnose the problem was the Bacteria Prevention was set to on (I have no idea what this is as I never set this to on) and was never asked to check this either of the Customer services team who I had contact with.

I want to raise a complaint and i would as this is totally unfair I only called the engineer because I was instructed to do so by the agent as he could not resolve the issue . 

Please advise me what I need to do.



Community Member

The simple answer is you will not be able to make a complaint!

Google ignore their customers, and are not interested in you at all.

I had an issue where they refused to return my item, and that's over a year ago now. Still no return, and I have given up. I tried the complaints, and that's just a joke. Tried ringing the complaint line, well that just goes round in circles.

Good luck, but I think your time will be wasted.

Community Member

I don't know about filling a complaint but IMHO next time you have an issue if you spend a fraction of the time you would with Googles customer support instead scouring through the community posts and replies you can probably find the resolution to your problem.  My experience is that both the chat and phone support ppl are merely call center folk with a prepared script and very little knowledge, experience or troubleshooting skills.    If the situation is outside the box they are outside their comfort zone.    Deep diving into the forums you will find 1) you are most likely not the only one that has encountered this issue and 2) someone has actually found the answer you are looking for!


Good luck in the future.