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Forum Posts

Not heating

My thermostat is showing orange and that it is heating but the heater is not coming on.

Shaelei by Community Member
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Google nest thermostat snow

Wiring issues. I removed my older nest learning thermostat and now this one won’t work. Pic of wires included. Where do I put these wires on the new thermostat? 

Dalspaugh by Community Member
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I have three homes appear in nest I only want one. They won’t let me delete in nest. How do I delete in google

Ct1 by Community Member
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Nest Learning Thermostat Triggering Home Mode

Hello, my Nest Learning Thermostat (Gen3) is triggering Home Mode while I am away. I can manually set to Away Mode in the Google Home app from work, but then shortly after I see that it sets back to Home Mode. When I check why it says "Kitchen sensed...

Resolved! September 14 update creating problems?

Ever since the last updates both my nest thermostats loose the internet connection constantly. A reset gets them on and they drop again. Worst it stops the AC from keeping the set temperature and of course drains the battery Last version 6.1.1-21 and...

Cort by Community Member
  • 14 replies
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Aux heat

Will “aux” be displayed when auxiliary heat is used on my 3rd gen thermostat?

Van by Community Member
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My remote sensor reads 32F

I just bought a new nest thermostat. It was bundled with a remote sensor. I installed it using the QR code, but it reads 32 degrees F all the time. I took out the battery and put it back in- no difference, Is it defective?