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Nest Thermostat W5 error code

Community Member

Hello, my Nest Thermostat gen 3 all of a sudden can’t find any wifi networks. It is giving me a W5 error code. I followed all the reset procedures on the help website but nothing seems to have worked. What else can I do to try and fix the problem? Is there something wrong with the nest itself and I need a replacement?


Community Member

Same issue here

Faulty WiFi chip 99% of the time

So I guess that would mean I have to get a replacement then.

I would try reset Network, and do that twice while in the reset section. Then still in the reset section, restart. Keep in the reset section doing the 3 parts. Failing that, you have a faulty chip.


No I am not from the UK. I’m located in the US in New York. But thanks I will have to give that a try and see what happens. 

Did it work?  Been struggling with the same problem for days

Community Member

they have an issue, you need a replacement. the wifi chip burns out in these. ive had two go down that were both purchased a year ago.  after google bought nest its one thing after an other honestly