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I set temp to 68 @ night

Hello this is Rick; I set my temp at night to 68, when I wake up in the morning it was heating to 75. What am I doing wrong? Do I need to reset something. #########

Nest Thermostat

When the Nest Thermostat setting is at ECO, instead of switching off the heating it continues to fire up when the screen shows monochrome rather than orange. There is no control, but this has happened unexpectedly in the course of one week. I have sw...

RayC by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest Thermostat (3rd Gen) Heatlink failure

Like many others, my heat link has failed! It's almost two years old and was working perfectly well until a few days ago. The stat was showing an H72 error message which indicates no power. On examination the heat link was getting power but no status...

CE07 by Community Member
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Why do Google Support ignore me and give up?

Cannot begin to explain how frustrated I am with Google Nest's level of support. Not only is it hard to actually raise any issues in the first place, but after a short email conversation I'm now in the positioning where I haven't received any reply f...

Heat is constantly running

Hi, I have a home with very high ceilings and the nest system just seems to be constantly running never getting to the temp I programed...Any one else have high ceilings and 2 zones. What are your custom settings that work??

Eddie1138 by Community Member
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Longer heating and cooling cycles

Why does my hvac run longer since installing the nest learning thermostat? My heat runs about 25 minutes twice an hour. With my old non-smart thermostat the heat would run about 10 minutes at 4 times an hour.

sirchna by Community Member
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Google Nest Thermostat restarting and blinking green.

We installed this Thermostat on June 2021. Just today it began restarting on its own and blinking green. I have tried all the solutions with no luck. How do I file a claim for Warranty since it has not been a year yet. I have tried googling it but it...


Has anyone else had issues with nest or google app saying thermostat is offline? However when I go to thermostat it is not offline and it is connected to wifi. I recently had to reset it due to issues with the temperature not changing even though hea...

Tjkasan by Community Member
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Thermostat connected to wifi but cannot get entry key - help please  

Temp sensor suggestion

It would be nice if we can choose the time of day for a sensor to be used. Not just 9:00 pm for example being defined as night time.

CedarTree by Community Member
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