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Thermostat blinking green while charging

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

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Original Poster: Chris Doiron 

I have a learning thermostat that has been working fine for over a year. Earlier this week, I started getting a low battery warning so I plugged it into a USB charger to charge since I don’t have it connected to a C wire.  No matter how long I leave it plugged in, it keeps blinking green. After reading multiple posts, I checked for a software update and the thermostat says it is up to date.  I have restarted it multiple times, I have also reset it and did a reinstall, but I’m still not getting a blinking red light while charging.  The display says “please attach the display to the base.”  I had it on the charger for 2 hours. Plugged it back in, and it connected to the Nest App and WiFi. Two days later, I got another low battery warning so I plugged it in for 30 minutes and plugged it back in and everything worked fine. This morning I wake up and I get a warning on the display that the “Nest App” has a low battery but it is connected to WiFi. Very frustrating for a device that is less than 1 1/2 years old.


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I am having same issue, did you resolve issue if so what did you do

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I am having the same.issue as well. Is there an answer for this issue?

If you have a two wire install  nest makes a device that sits in furnace you still have two wire install so not running new Tatar wires but device hooks into common , R,W then you attach Tstat R and W to device. Not sure how this works but increase charging current battery some how with out need for common at nest .

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Same-ish problem,  

Since an update on November 2nd my less than one year old gen 3 Nest Learning Thermostat has now stopped working three times now due to a battery /charging issue.  The first two times it actually charged on my desk using its USB port.  It will no longer charge at all. 

When connected to its base and I check its "Power" readouts through its settings menu it shows:

Battery - 3.852 V

Vin - 32.45 V

Vout - 32.45 V

lin - 200 mA(c)

All appear to be expected readouts.

Prior to Nov 2nd it worked flawlessly.

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keeps blinking green when charging using USB cable. Then it says to attach display to base. After attaching display to base, it says shutting down due to low battery. bought it for less than 1 year. I am guessing BAD BATTERY? Is it possible to replace the battery? Or, I have to buy a new unit?

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I’m having the exact same issue and have had the best for about a year.  Have you been able to fix it?

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Hi if you have a two wire thermostat nest makes a device that boosts charge to thermostat called 

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Nest power connector that installs in furnace that supplies addition current to thermostat for charging, also fully charged by micro usb on back 24 hrs before putting back on sub base has worked great for last three months.

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I am having the same issue on both of my nest e’s… any insights?

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There was something wrong with my USB adapter, I switched to another one and it fully charged.  However, later I figured out that the issue was the A/C wasn't providing power to the Nest and it wasn't a battery issue. (we had a separate timer that cuts off power to thermostat when off)

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None of this is helpful.  Community support boards are dead ends.  you’d think a giant company like google could explain their products a bit better.  Sorry, just being honest.

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Same Issue.  Wasted 75 min on call to their support today and they were useless.  I just got this two months ago.  It worked for  a month without a charge.  I charged it and it worked for approx another month.  Charged again and lasted for 3 days.  Charged again and lasted for a day.  The app sucks and they can’t even make it easy to monitor battery status!  Furthermore, it’s supposed to somehow notify me of a low battery, but the only way I find out is when I actually open the app or physically check the t-stat.  The box claims “works without a C-wire” but this thing is just an expensive piece of junk!  Of course it functioned ok during the short return window so now that I have more time with it (a couple months) I’m stuck with it.  My experience with customer service today just added to my bad experience.

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Why are there no Nest/Google official replies to this post? 

Nest has shockingly poor technical support. 

Ridiculous that the Help for my expensive Nest Gen 3 Thermostat does not have a complete technical support manual PDF.

Ridiculous that there are blinking indicator lights and there is no explanation as to why they are blinking. Is the blinking green during charging supposed to turn solid green when fully charged? Does it turn off when fully charged? Does it stay blinking green as long as it is charging on a USB cable?

Come on... Nest is a multi-billion dollar Google company. This is really poor. 

Love the thermostat. Very disappointed in technical support from Nest. I phoned the tech support. A total waste of 30 minutes. The person just read me the response from their playbook. 

I hope that someone at Nest reads these posts and makes improvements in both self help and their tech support. We, their customers, deserve better.

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I've had very similar problems as has been reported here. Contacted customer support, thermostat is under warranty but I don't like the two options: 1) Have Google charge full price on credit card and they will ship out new (I'm assuming, could be refurbished) thermostat then I ship back old one. May take 3 weeks in all. 2) Ship current thermostat (so I'd be without one) and they would ship new when they got mine. I'd be out again this time shorter time a week or so without a thermostat.

Again, I didn't like either option for something under warranty!

My choice? Go with EcoLite thermostat! Google hardware (not phones) isn't as good as used to be. I own several Google devices, this thermostat and older wired Google video doorbell have had problems!