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nest thermostat

Community Member

i keep getting notices and crap to move everything to google...   for my nest thermostat... i don't want to.   my question is will my nest continue to connect to my iphone via the nest app with out all the google **bleep**?  


Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

There's two elements to this:

  • If you have a thermostat setup in the Nest app, it's currently not mandatory to use it in the Google Home app.
  • If you currently login to the Nest app with a legacy Nest account (not using the login with Google button), it's currently not mandatory to migrate to a Google account.

I say currently as this obviously may change in the future, but that's as it stands right now.

so there is no set date...    something happens tomorrow that i keep getting notices on... that says as of sept 28th work app stops... or i need to get the work app. or some such bs... i have no clue what any of that is...   so as far as you know there is no immediate change coming?    

Simple answer, yes login with your old method.

Just ignore the Google messages to migrate, this has been going on since Google took over. They want FULL control of everything, but at present carry on as you have been.

I'm sure Google will FORCE us to move to their way in time, but at present no date to migrate. Ignore the 28th September, that's for 3rd party applets etc., Search this forum and you will see the answers. I asked that question for everyone as proof some weeks ago.

thanks... i have been..   lol