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Don’t buy google Yale lock

Community Member

There’s an underlying issue with connectivity with most Nest to Google devices. I’ve been on Nest for over five years with cameras. They rarely have had problems. When the Google Home app was introduced the problem started on the cameras intermittently falling off at the app. And nowadays we can’t add any new devices without some issues. They tell you to get a second 2.4 gh network for your best stuff but the doesn’t do it. There are underlying software issues that support does not acknowledge and I would be shocked if they let me post this. I have an expensive lock that when I First put in over a month ago and it gave me connectivity problems I figured sure I’ll just troubleshoot it. Now six weeks later I’ve got a very expensive lock I can’t return and a spotlight camera the same.

Probably works great in a simple smaller house but I have a large 6K square foot plus house with multiple Wi-Fi access points and I am not running Google mesh because it wasn’t in existence when I put in my system I shouldn’t have to relay my entire Wi-Fi to make a lock work