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Timed autolock for bedtime

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I’m looking to see if there is a way to autolock at bedtime. We live in the country so don’t need it to autolock after 1 or 5 minutes but sometimes teenagers are forgetting to lock at night if they come in late. So I didn’t know if there is a timer I can put on that will autolock it, say from 10pm-7am?




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Hey! I have this lock. The way I accomplish this, was setting up a routine in the Google Home app that instructs the lock to automatically lock at a certain time of night. Another option would be to set up a routine that tells google to lock the door when you give us certain command. I was able to do this at my house with a “good night” routine. When I said good night, google will turn off all the lights, and lock the door. To do this, you would need to set it up through the Google Home app. Hope this helps.

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