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My nest keeps playing sleep sound all night

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My google nest mini keeps playing sleep sound all night when I use the bedtime-routine. Earlier it stopped after about 1 hour, but now it keeps playing all night. I have activated the sleep sound country night.

What can I do to make it play for 1 hour again? I don’t want it to keep playing all night.

I have tried setting up a new similar routine, but it keeps playing through the night in the new routine as well.

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I resolved my own issue by creating a custom routine that includes the custom action, “play country nights for 60 minutes”. Of course you can substitute any sleep sound for “country nights”. 


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Community Specialist

Hey all,


We've heard feedback that turning off sleep sounds after 1 hour was insufficient for some of our users, so we made the decision to remove the end time. We're currently investigating ways to build a comparable solution and appreciate your patience.


Best regards,


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Seems like sleep timer works again,on Nest audio and home mini, hurrrray !!!

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Yes, sleep timers seem to be back and working for me.  I've tested it a few times, and so far so good. Finally!!

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My nest sounds still continue to play all night.  I thought Google was going to fix this problem and give us a choice of how long to play the sounds.  Why was it changed in the first place. 12 hours is way too long. It helps to fall asleep but wakes me up as it continues playing all night.  

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Silver Product Expert

Hi @SunnyCB 

Just wondering how are you initiating the sleep sounds. Generally whenever I want the nest audio speakers that I have stop playing such things as sleep sounds or any music for that matter after a certain time I just say to them 'OK google stop playing in 10 minutes'  and they then stop after this time. Also as a test I just tried the command 'OK google play sleep sounds for 5 minutes' and that also stopped after 5 minutes.


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Open Google Home
Click Routines
Click "+" in the bottom right to create a new routine
Name it whatever you want (I named mine "Stop Sleep Sounds"
Click [+ Add starter]
Click At a specific time
Select a time that is after you typically go to sleep (mine is 11:30pm)
Set it to repeat every day
Add starter in the bottom right
Click [+ Add action]
Click Try adding your own
Type in "Stop casting to ______ speaker" with whatever speaker name you typically say goodnight to
Add action in the bottom right
Ensure the "Device for audio" at the bottom is set to the speaker you typically say goodnight to, or as the "Device that started the routine"
Save the routine





Creating a work around doesn’t solve the initial problem…….

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My google nest is doing the exact opposite. Before, it used to play all night; now, it disconnects after some time. How do I fix this??

When connected to Spotify.

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Has this issue been resolved yet? My Nest still plays sleep sounds through the night and I have to command it to stop.

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I customized my bedtime routine to play the sleep sound followed by another try-adding-your-own action to "Turn off all lights", and then "Set sleep timer to one hour." And this works well. Having some sort of lengthy delay between when the media starts and when a task to set the sleep timer triggers is important, as you'll often get a response about how there's no media playing when it does trigger.

For some reason when I used what @Stevelikesbikes recommended above as "Play country night for 60 minutes" as the task, my phone receives a hidden notification from Goggle, and the sleep sound plays throughout the night without stopping. The delayed start tasks didn't work for me at all neither. You can try it both ways and see which works for you, but I know that the sleep timer function still works today (in March 2023).