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Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey Google Nest Community,

As we hop into Spring, here’s a quick recap of what’s been happening in the community over the past few months.


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  • Seeing a help code error on your thermostat display? Check out how you can resolve this in our latest blog post: Troubleshoot a W5 Code on Nest Thermostat.
  • Having problems with the Wi-Fi point on your Google Home App? There are lots of  troubleshooting options for this issue, but don't worry! We break them down for you in our blog: Adding a Wifi point to your mesh network.
  • The Google Home App was revamped and released as a Public Preview late last year. Along with a new set of features, it has a fresh layout, and with the help of Google Product Managers, we hosted a discussion of the new app experience on Reddit. Visit our blog: Reddit Q&A Recap: Google Home App Public Preview to see what they had to say.


Social Shout-outs
Check out some fun posts we've seen from our wonderful community in the last few months:

"Googly Nest at your service!" from Reddit user Hivestrung"Googly Nest at your service!" from Reddit user Hivestrung

 From Reddit user Hivestrung: Googly Nest at your service!



Revisiting happy memories is easy
with photos shown on Nest Hub

What's better than Chromecast with Google TV?
A second one!


Kudos and Community shoutouts:
Shout out to @MplsCustomer for being a top kudeod user! He’s offered plenty of detailed solutions to several community members on many of our products. Check out his profile to see all the great advice he’s given around here!

We also want to give a shout-out to @CoolingWizard for being one of our top kudoed users! He seems to be a thermostat connoisseur — stop by his profile to see all the helpful replies he’s left in the Thermostat forum! He’s also an amazing member of the Product Expert Program. To join, lend a helping hand here in the community and stop by the Google Product Experts site to learn more.


Have questions, comments, or concerns about your household routines? Join discussions in our Home Automation Forum! It’s the best place to ask questions and share your amazing ideas as they relate to all things routines and home automation. Feel free to start a conversation or add to a discussion thread at any time.


Hope you enjoyed this round up of Community News — catch you next time!

The Google Nest team

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