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Let’s Discuss! Smart Home Automations for Pets

Hey Nest Community,May is National Pet Month in the United States! And as all pet parents know - scaley, feathery, and furry friends are very important inhabitants of your household and can absolutely benefit from the connectedness of a smart home. W...


Resolved! Coding help with Script Editor

Hi everyone,I need some help to make an automation in the new script editor:When everyone is away and time is sunset or later, turn light on. Turn light off at midnight.I need both the home presence and/or the time to be a starter. So that if I am al...

ag_ by Community Member
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Home/Away routines no longer show up in Google Home app

In the Google Home app, I have no option to create Home/Away routines in automations. I am in the US and I have multiple Google devices that support Home/Away routines. There IS the option to switch the entire app to HOME/AWAY and I am able to set up...

chaybee by Community Member
  • 16 replies
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Matter with Nest Hub v2 and Aqara M2 Hub

Hi All. I have managed to add my Aqara M2 Hub to google home nest hub v2 via matter, but the child devices (Aqara E1 Door Window contact sensors) that are connected to the aqara hub do not display in google home, only the aqara hub. Is this a known i...

theavi by Community Member
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Cannot Remove Random Voice Data From Google Home

No matter how many times I try and remove this random voice data off a random Chromecast tv in my account (it's not my actual one) it just won't go away. I actually don't know who's voice data it is and would like it gone. Can anyone assist?

Jward90 by Community Member
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Vibration sensor routine

I was wondering if there's any chance of having a vibration sensor where once the vibration stops it can stop a smart plug. Does anyone know if this is possible?

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