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What’s your favorite part of the Public Preview so far? Read more

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What’s your favorite part of the Public Preview so far?

New discussion incoming! Did you know that you can save devices, actions, and automations to your Favorites in the new Google Home app? These and other features are now available in the Public Preview. Read more about them in our blog: Request an inv...

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Google hello and wired doorbell gen 2 with single chime

I have a hello gen 1 doorbell for the back entrance and a gen 2 wired doorbell fot the front entrance. Home has one chime only and the transformer is rated 16vac/30 VA. The chime connector for the hello is quite different from the chime connector for...

My disable gmail account recover

Hello Google team My contact gmail- #My recovery gmail ID -#I am not access my google account please help me account accessOne of proof add Thank you.  


Playing music in a routine

When playing music with a routine on Pandora, the routine plays a Spanish station. How can ensure when the routine plays music it plays the English station?

aspiece by Community Member
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Resolved! Cancel an old email

For some reason when I use the Google App my Dad's email pops up as the main user. Dad has passed away 10 years ago. I just want to be able to sign in using my email as preferred. How can I delete an old user email?

Anyone having luck syncing two thermostats within the same home?

I live in a multistory home with two ACs, one for each floor. From what I've read, to be most efficient, one should set the upstairs AC to the desired temperature of the home and the downstairs thermostat should be set to a two degrees warmer tempera...

tryler by Community Member
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Boy, have I got voice command feedback for you!

I have 4 assistant devices in my home and I find that lately commands are 1) being executed on a different device than expected and 2) sometimes giving very different results than what was asked.For example, I told my bedroom speaker to turn off the ...

Resolved! wake words TOO LONG!

I find that the wake phrase of Google Assistant is to too long. there's too many vowels and tbf I often retrieve to using my phone touch screen because using my fingers to trigger something (turn lights on, set a timer, etc) feels quicker and smoothe...

Yotamik by Community Member
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Connection nest camera

Can't connect camera to multiple devices... also nest camera is very hot to touch (it's not in the sun)

ub1badboy by Community Member
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