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What’s your favorite part of the Public Preview so far?

New discussion incoming! Did you know that you can save devices, actions, and automations to your Favorites in the new Google Home app? These and other features are now available in the Public Preview. Read more about them in our blog: Request an inv...

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Nest Camera purple image

Nest camera is banjaxed and only filming in purple. Camera is less than two years old. Seems like this is a known issue so looking to get a replacement. Happy to return the original camera. Advice and next steps appreciated.
dasmondo by Community Member
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Nest Camera only record when detecting motion? Is it possible?

Ok, so we just moved. We moved from where we had fiber internet to the country where there is no option for high speed internet other than satellite and 4G. (I have both and use both.) Problem with the satellite and the 4G is that there are data caps...

dmorlow by Community Member
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Stop Google home from grouping lights.

In my living room, I have a light on ceiling but also a lamp in the corner. I used to be able to control them separately, but now when I say "turn on the lamp in the living room" it turns on both lights... Truly annoying.

tcobb by Community Member
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can i use google nest mini for discord? more like gaming set up replacement for headset with microphone.

flame by Community Member
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Nest theromostat - too many options

Just out of curiosity, why does my Nest thermostat offer multiple "steps" for each temperature? I can choose 72 degrees (ASAP, I assume), or, 72 degrees in 25 minutes, or, 72 degrees in 1 hour & 15 minutes, and so on. If I dial through all the 72 deg...

Lost access to my nest account and connected devices

During a recent return flight from Florida, I set my phone to airplane mode. Upon landing, I turned off airplane mode and attempted to access my Nest camera in Florida. My Nest app would not allow me to login. I finally deleted the app and downloaded...

EJM by Community Member
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