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Let’s Discuss! Smart Home Automations for Pets

Hey Nest Community,May is National Pet Month in the United States! And as all pet parents know - scaley, feathery, and furry friends are very important inhabitants of your household and can absolutely benefit from the connectedness of a smart home. W...


Nest subscription

This is the second year in a row that I have been billed 3 times for two cameras,Spent over an hr on chat last year Guess its time to go to something out because I cant even figure out how I managed to chat last year to sort it out,Was notified June ...

arrisll58 by Community Member
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Automation - FaceFamiliarDetection

I recently saw the post that you can add automations based on familiar face detection: there it highlights a start type d...

Moziqui by Community Member
  • 8 replies
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Google won't speak for automations that I've created

If I put "Tell me about the weather" in the "Good morning" automation, google tells me the weather.If I put "Tell me about the weather" in my created 7:45 AM automation, nothing ever happens. When given the option, I choose "Announce on device that s...

Schmuttis by Community Member
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Resolved! How to delete google automations

I don't work so have no need for all of the automations that google has loaded in the Home App/Automations likeCommuting homeCommuting to workWorkdayetc.Having all of these extra automations that I don't use just makes it hard to locate the automatio...

Schmuttis by Community Member
  • 13 replies
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Volume Automation for Google Home Max(s)

Hey y'all, I'm looking for a way to automate volume control on a pair of Google Home Max speakers. I know I can put them in a "Stereo Pair", but that hinders them for multimedia/video use due to the delay. I had a routine working, but it stopped when...

tdwpkidd by Community Member
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